Staywell Technologies: A Pioneer in Wearable Air Purifiers

  Vibhor Agarwal,   FounderAccording to BlueWeave Consulting, the air purifier market in India is expected to reach 565.7 million USD by 2027, with a growth rate of 34.4 percent. The residential sector is the main consumer of air purifiers in India, but the commercial sector is also projected to grow in the coming years as more public spaces like offices and malls install air purifiers for better air quality and a healthy environment for employees and customers.

Staywell Technologies, based in Meerut, has stepped into this market by introducing a range of wearable air purifiers that are both affordable and accessible to the masses. The company offers various wearable air ionisers, including the Necklace Purifier and Wristband Air Purifier, both of which can be worn as pendants. According to Vibhor Agarwal, founder of Staywell Technologies, the company aims to raise awareness about the importance of air purification and the impact of air pollution on health.

Differentiating Products
The Necklace Purifier is a portable air ionisation device that can be worn around the neck or as a pendant. It uses ionisation technology to eliminate pollutants and allergens by creating negatively charged ions that attach to positively charged pollutants, making them heavy and falling to the ground. The main advantage of this product is its portability and convenience. The Wristband Air Purifier is another wearable air ioniser that can be worn on the wrist. It is five times more powerful than Staywell’s top-selling Necklace Air Purifier.It is dual-purpose as it can also be worn as a pendant with the help of the provided lanyard.

Staywell Technologies’ Products Stand Out For Their Advanced Ionisation Technology, Portability, Affordability, Andinnovative Design

What distinguishes Staywell?
“Staywell Technologies’ products stand out for their advanced ionisation technology, portability, affordability, and innovative design,” says Vibhor Agarwal. The company is also committed to increasing awareness about the need for air purification and the impact of air pollution on health through various campaigns and initiatives.

Growing Reach
Staywell Technologies has become a leading player in the Indian wearable air purifier market, expanding its online network to include major e-commerce platforms like Amazon and Flipkart as well as its own website, making its products more widely available to consumers throughout India. The company will continue to raise awareness about air purification and air pollution through various campaigns and initiatives and remains committed to being an industry leader by providing new and effective solutions for the country’s growing need for air purifiers.