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  • 10 Most Promising Air Purifier Brands - 2023

    Air is Free, Breathable Air is Not In this ever advanced tech-led world the only big concern that entails human attention is pure, clean and breathable air. With constant climate change and growing air pollution, humanity is currently witnessing one of the most hazardous threats. Also, the rapid urbanization and industrialization further adds on the degrading air quality. Being tangled with climate change, air pollution is the primary factor behind increased respiratory and cancer-related diseases globally. Well, in order to avoid these growing health problems an air purifier can come handy here. An air purifier is nothing but a device that filters the indoor air while releasing clean air for ventilation. It is one of the most effective solutions that not only filter out the...

10 Most Promising Air Purifier Brands - 2023

Company Logo Company Name Company Management Company Description
Atlanta Healthcare Atlanta Healthcare Pavan Kumar Jain, Managing Director A pioneer of air quality management solutions for home and commercial use and focus in improving the quality of air across the world
Blueair India Blueair India Harsimran Singh, Manager A leader in air purification solutions, providing superior air purifiers for home, commercial and industrial purposes, with a focus on superior filtration, energy efficiency and environmental care
Elofic Air Purifier Elofic Air Purifier KD Sahni, Joint Managing Director A market leader in the automotive filter manufacturing industry providing a better and cleaner environment forward by introducing a range of air purifiers
Eureka Forbes Eureka Forbes Sandip Weling, CEO A pioneer and trendsetter in direct sales in India with a new concept of living in a clean environment and drinking water in its purest form with specialised in water purifiers, vacuum cleaners, security systems and air purifiers
Kent RO Systems Kent RO Systems Varun Gupta, Joint Managing Director
Oncool Oncool Ravi Agarwal, Managing Director A manufacturing organization that offers technology-driven air purifiers and PVC coolers made of ‘Made in India’ parts
Prana Air Prana Air Rohit Bansal, Director The firm renders innovative and affordable solutions to the alarmingly up air pollution levels in India by making air purification systems that are equipped with ultramodern technology
Sharp Air Purifiers Sharp Air Purifiers Narita Osamu, Managing Director The firm provides a host of market leading B2B and B2C products that includes a comprehensive range of the latest office solutions, visual solutions and home solutions across India for over 20 years
Smart Air Smart Air Dhariyash Rathod, CEO-India A social enterprise and B-Corp committed to create incredibly effective air purifiers and share life hacks and tips on protecting health
Staywell Technologies Staywell Technologies Vibhor Agarwal, Founder An indian wearable air purifier brand, expanding its online network making its products more widely available to consumers throughout India