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Yogesh Doiphode,   Co-Founder

Yogesh Doiphode


The flaring internet speed, advancing technology and penetration of high-end smartphones are boosting the fantasy gaming space. On the bigger picture, the industry is holding interesting opportunities. Entertainment Which Pays You Back; Makes You Win Cash While You Play, is grabbing the interest of the young generation. In a cricket-crazy country like India, Fantasy sports is driving newer revenue models for gaming companies, turning fun and excitement into a billion-dollar market. However, these companies are involved with real money, they need to understand the criticality of the present-day market scenario and adapt to the legality, technology, user engagement patterns, and flexible payment options to sustain in the long run. PlayerzPot is one such brand that perfectly balances all the limitations and opportunities in the niche and provides the gamers with the moment to enjoy their game anytime, anywhere with cash earnings along with entertainment.

One Of The Fastest Growing Fantasy Game Communities
PlayerzPot is India's game-changer fantasy platform with users playing Cricket, Football, and Kabaddi. Do you love sports? Don't you want to let your knowledge and keen observation on your favourite sport go in vain? Also, do you love to earn from your passion? Then, PlayerzPot is your go-to destination.

The company operates on the principle of Game of Skill. It provides a platform for all sports enthusiasts to utilize their sports acumen by owning a team and by creating interactive activities to engage with similar fans. Fans can create their own team made up of real life players from upcoming matches, score points based on their on-field performance, and compete with other fans. In a matter of few steps, creating a team, and joining the pots one can compete showcase their knowledge and win an exclusive prize.

This ground-breaking platform is the creation of two technocrats & game lovers Yogesh Doiphode and Mitesh Gangar (Co-Founders). They devised this as an opportunity where people could enjoy the game-play and compete with a wide range of players with a different mindset and gameplay strategy across the country while playing for incentives that funnel their energy and enhance their entertainment experience.

Customer Is The King
Gone are the days where playing games was just stress-buster & pass-time. Today, gaming has become a side hustle for many sports lovers. Their attention, observation, and love toward any sport is making them grab real money.

"Every minute is an opportunity. We allow players to use sports knowledge and skill and convert love for the game into cool cash awards. With our customer-centric approach, we ensure the highest possible gain for our customers in the easiest, reliable, and secure way. With established standard operating procedures and processes, PlayerzPot's Fantasy sports aspires to be one of the best fantasy engagement platform across all sports," informs Mitesh.

He further adds, "Keeping customers at the forefront has led to remarkable innovations in our platform. Initially, the withdrawal of
rewards used to take two-three days. This was problematic and we approached this with new strategies. Moreover, we were the first in the market to provide an instant withdrawal system."

"Money in your account at a click - helped us to be more credible and trustworthy to the users. We are also very conscious about data security & privacy. The user data and usage patterns are utilized for analysis and better user-experience only. The company's customer-centric approach has led to humongous peer-to-peer references, impeccably shoving the brand to success," exclaims Sunil Yadav, Marketing Director, PlayerzPot.

On The Mission To Be A One-Stop Destination For Real Skill Gaming
Taking the best out of the worst scenarios, PlayezPot mitigated the troubles of COVID-19 on the business by launching several casual games into their platform.

Mitesh Gangar, Co-Founder

"Fantasy games depend on real-world scenarios and matches. However, everything was stopped by the pandemic. With the very thought of engaging the users through the lockdown and not losing them, we introduced causal games like Quiz, Carrom, Snake & Ladder, Ludo, and Chess," Sunil mentions.

Mitesh gives credit to the passionate team of high-performing professionals at PlayerzPot who have been instrumental in building everything in-house in a very short time. "This showed us how each employee matter to the company and they are the pillars of every organization".

A League Of Its Own
Founded in 2015, the platform is endorsed as the best user-driven fantasy model. Focusing on user satisfaction, the company ranks amongst the best fantasy gaming company in the country.

Since the start, the company has proved its mettle in competing with big names in the niche though it was bootstrapped. As an accolade for hard work and innovation, the company recently bagged funding of approx $3 million despite the COVID-19 recessions. "We are well-poised at present and we have an expansion plan of entering into various gaming segment and also creating value for our user. Therefore, we will be using this investment in the technology upliftment and on the marketing endeavours," concludes Sunil.

• Innovation is the forte of PlayerzPot
• It brings daily and weekly offers to the users with weekly leader board, where top 10 or 50 of the users can win exciting prizes apart from the daily winnings
• Latest offers from time-to-time furnishing maximum benefits to the users
• Provides players with the listing of completed, live, and upcoming matches
• Provides users with different matches, including practice, cash, and private matches. If you are new, it is good to select practice contests to test your knowledge of your favourite fantasy sports and prediction over the performance of the players
• Allows to join the second innings if there's any trouble in joining the whole match ­ making sure that your research doesn't become pointless
• Offers you with chance of winning money even if you are an inactive player and your referred peer is an active player

• Customer-centric innovations
• Single point for all the real-skill, real-money gaming
• Cricketers Bhuvneshwar Kumar & Smriti Mandhana are the brand ambassadors of PlayerzPot
• The brand wants to create a sporting culture and also contributeto the sports infrastructure of the country, as part of the CSR plan.
• Offers Referral & Signup Bonus
• By launching games of other genres, it has doubled the user base from 2M and tripled the turnover in the Q2 & Q3 of FY 2020.

Yogesh Doiphode And Mitesh Gangar, Co-Founders
Mitesh is an experienced director with a demonstrated history of working in the information technology and services industry.

Yogesh has been an instrumental in the success of the company.

Offices: Thane
Offerings: A fantasy game platform offering playing Cricket, Football, and Kabaddi