Cothas Coffee: Coffee Roasted with 70 Years of Perfection & Care

Mr. Nitin, Partner

Mr. Nitin


Synonymous to `quality' filter coffee, Cothas Coffee brings forth more than 70 years of experience is producing a globally appreciated brand of filter coffee. Established in 1949, and run by the third generation of the founding family, Cothas Coffee has made a reputation globally for the best quality filter coffee. The foundation to this firm was laid by the visionary Late Sri KrishnaiahChetty in the shape of a neighbourhood coffee roaster.

With promoters carrying rich industry experience, Cothas Coffee has been delivering the best across the globe. Coffee business is no easy feat and the one in the playing field will only know it better. Right from picking the right coffee beans, through roasting & grinding, to packaging is in itself, an art. The artist, Cothas Coffee, has the core competency and cumulative experience to process the finest coffee for the global consumer.

Bringing in a lot of insight into the business, the leadership of Cothas Coffee is able to ensure that the end-product is of global standards. The brand procures coffee beans from Karnataka's renowned coffee heavens in Chikmagalur, and Coorg. Further, after buying the best in the market Cothas Coffee ensures that the roasting & grinding is done in accordance with the international standards. Therefore, roasting & grinding machines are imported from Europe.
"For any manufacturer in the food & beverage industry, consistency in quality is the most defining factor in the firm's success and market positioning. We have been doing it for over seven decades. We have been putting the Science & Technology, backed by experience to sustain that age old quality in every sip of the coffee we make", says Balaraman V.V, Chief Business Development, Cothas Coffee.

Cothas Coffee devises a fool proof procedure to ensure that only the approved coffee beans reach the market. The procurement of the coffee beans are done with utmost precision from the mountainous regions in Karnataka like Kodagu and Chikmangaluru that have always boasted of slopes ebbing with exceptional coffee beans. Cothas partners with select growers from these areas to ensure that nothing but the finest beans are procured. Once the batch of samples sent to Cothas is approved by the expert tasters, the plantations send the coffee beans to Cothas' factories.

Cothas double checks the quality and accuracy of the batch in its testing labs, there-by ensuring that every sample approved reaches the market unadulterated. Cothas has a wide range of filter coffee-products. Specialty Blend is one of the flagships of Cothas, which is 85% coffee and 15 % chicory. More so, Cothas also avails a 100 % coffee product called Nova THERM. For several hoteliers and cafes, Cothas also offers roasted coffee beans, moderately roasted with care.

Cothas has been serving the coffee lovers in more than a few ways. Cothas Coffee is in the B2C segment for the last 70 odd years selling packaged filter coffee in the retail market via distributor, modern trade, and ecommerce aggregator. In a second venture started 4 years back, Cothas is offering proprietary coffee brewing machines to the corporate, hospitals, public places. The third division of Cothas business venture comprises of 30 stores spread across 10 locations in South India.

These stores are operated by Cothas and sell coffee at a price of Rs. 12 per cup. Coffee lovers from across the region visit to treat their senses. More often, customers even start purchasing their coffee powder stock from the store. Cold coffee couldn't have been more popular among coffee lovers that Cothas thought to revamp the experience by developing a unique natural coffee extract for the same. This forms the fourth division of Cothas business in the form of three cold coffee products.

The CEO opines that Cothas Coffee can further up the quality of their coffee at each touch-points of the various di-visions discussed above. He adds, given the country's love for coffee, Cothas coffee is inclined to further redefine the coffee culture and cater to the customers' taste buds for authentic coffee in the years to come.