• Aromica Tea: Spreading Health & Happiness Through A Cup Of Tea
  • Aromica Tea: Spreading Health & Happiness Through A Cup Of Tea

    A cup of tea brings forth many health benefits with it. Tea leaves contain antioxidants called `Flavonoids.' It also reduces the risk of heart diseases as tea helps widen key arteries, improving blood flow through-out the body. In addition to that, a cup of tea is a great choice to combat illnesses such as seasonal cases of flu and cold. In a bid to give a new angle to tea and promote the most popular beverage as a health drink, Mr. Ranjit Baruah ­ a tea planter by profession, established Aromica Tea back in 2018. Mr. Ranjit Baruah inherits over 20 years of experience working in Tea plantations that includes a successful stint at Williamson Magor. At Aromica Tea, Mr. Ranjit Baruah has used his decades of accumulated knowledge to blend some of the most unique hand-crafted tea flavors...


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