Aromica Tea: Spreading Health & Happiness Through A Cup Of Tea

Ranjit Baruah, Founder & Director

Ranjit Baruah

Founder & Director

A cup of tea brings forth many health benefits with it. Tea leaves contain antioxidants called `Flavonoids.' It also reduces the risk of heart diseases as tea helps widen key arteries, improving blood flow through-out the body. In addition to that, a cup of tea is a great choice to combat illnesses such as seasonal cases of flu and cold.

In a bid to give a new angle to tea and promote the most popular beverage as a health drink, Mr. Ranjit Baruah ­ a tea planter by profession, established Aromica Tea back in 2018. Mr. Ranjit Baruah inherits over 20 years of experience working in Tea plantations that includes a successful stint at Williamson Magor. At Aromica Tea, Mr. Ranjit Baruah has used his decades of accumulated knowledge to blend some of the most unique hand-crafted tea flavors found nowhere else in India.

At present, Aromica Tea produces over 30 varieties of unique tea blends made with natural herbal ingredients and exotic spices to promote well-ness. Aromica Tea procures all the ingredients from smalltime farmers in the North-East Region, who are marginalized and often find it challenging to market the produce.

Initially starting with only five growers, Aromica Tea is now connected with more than 50 growers and has multiple distribution channels spread across Pan India basis. Therefore, in addition to promoting wellness through a range of unique tea blends,
Aromica Tea also supports marginalized farmers by offering them a fair price and a ready market to sell the produce.

Creators Of Unique Handcrafted Well-Ness Tea Blends
The team of experts at Aromica Tea has created some unique tea blends by combining different kinds of teas ranging from Green Tea, Oolong Tea, White Tea, and Yellow Tea with natural herbs spices like Tulsi, Bhoot Jolokia (King Chili), and Bamboo Shoot. Aromica Tea uses natural ingredients to create tea blends that have nutritional value and are good for health.

The unique `Bhoot Jolokia' (King Chili) Tea blend produced at Aromica is the only such blend available worldwide. The Bhoot Jolokia Tea has become quite popular, especially after the Coronavirus outbreak, as it provides excellent relief from fever and body aches. Similarly, Aromica Tea is the first to introduce a unique blend of Bamboo Shoot Tea, Blue Tea, and Rudraksha Tea in the North-East region.

With 12 outlets in the city of Guwahati, Aromica tea recently inaugurated a unique café named Aromica just tea

On top of that, Aromica Tea provides a host of regular tea blends ranging from Mint Tea, Tulsi Green Tea, Lemongrass Tea, Ginger Tea, Moring a green Tea, Roast Elaichi green tea, and five different varieties of Masala Tea, each made from a different aromatic spice.

The Government has approved Aromica Tea of Assam under the Assam Start-up initiative. The brand has also been recognized by IIM Calcutta Innovation Park and IIE Guwahati. In 2019, Aromica Tea was awarded the Times Business Award for the Best Premium Tea Brand Category.

“The unique `Bhoot Jolokia' (king Chili) tea blend produced at Aromica is the only such blend available worldwide”

The Aromica Just Tea Café
With 12 outlets in the city of Guwahati, Aromica Tea recently inaugurated a unique Café named Aromica Just Tea. Located in the neigh-borhood of Six Mile, the Café brews about 60 different flavors of tea that includes Tandoori Chai, Malai Masala Tea, and an extensive range of tea brews to give a first hand experience to all the tea lovers.

The Café has also been listed as a marked destination to visit in the official state government itinerary of Assam. The place enables tea lovers to sample out the tea brews before actually buying it.