Zebronics: Democratizing the Consumer Electronics Market in India

Rajesh Doshi, Director
Rajesh Doshi, Director, Zebronics India Pvt. Ltd

Remember the times when even the music systems and multimedia speakers were premium luxury and a monopolistic trade? With the way ‘Digital’ shaped up, we have come a long way from that epoch to engender a new consumer electronics industry, which is quite an open market across the world. In India, this transformation has taken an extra thrust, our blind penchant for foreign products being the culprit.

Being able to penetrate through this penchant by engendering products of great design & performance yet easy on common man’s pocket has been the game changer for Zebronics - the IT & Gaming Peripherals, Sound Systems, Mobile /Lifestyle Accessories and Surveillance brand to democratize the consumer electronics market in the subcontinent. Came into existence as early as 1997, Zebronics’s growth trajectories over the past two decades is a strong testament to the level of democratization ensued in the country. Today, the company employs over 1,200 people across 31 offices and 128+ Zeb Cares (service centers), not to mention the robust network of dealers, resellers and integrators adding to its retail presence of over 50,000+ locations (channel partners) across length and breadth of the country.

‘Always Ahead’ Being the Mantra

Having flexed its innovative muscles ceaselessly and being ahead with technology & features, Chennai-based Zebronics currently is one of the leading speaker system brands in India. “Our tagline states our ideology ‘Always Ahead’, which signifies the regularization of technology innovation to always keep moving forward. Staying one step ahead of the market has always been our goal. Like other world-class companies, we are proud of our success, but never satisfied,” asserts Rajesh Doshi, Director, Zebronics India Pvt. Ltd. Further complimenting this thought process and ensuring value for money is its EQR mantra: Excellence (in product design), Quality(assuring strict control), and Reliability.

Known widely as ‘The Sound Monsters’, the wide range of Zebronics speakers like( Portable speakers, 2.1, 4.1, 5.1, trolley speaker, tower speaker, sound bar and DJ categories) that perfectly suit the tastes & budgets of Indian customers are the most sought-after in the market. Interestingly, it has multiple options of products at a single price point! Rajesh adds, “This demand is a result of our years of investments in
understanding the requirement of Indian customers with respect to sound, features, aesthetics, and budget. New products are regularly launched in this segment”.

Apart from the sound systems market, the newer segments like surveillance is increasingly becoming a dual-edged sword in consumer electronics with big MNC brands on one side and a flood of unorganized players on the other. Value for money & intact quality being its forte,Zebronics is highly poised to carve its own niche in the new extensions of market with time. Indeed, discerning every challenge as an opportunity, the company has already pipelined a bunch of groundbreaking products – both in audio and other segments.

Establishing the Brand Image
Zebronics has been exemplary in amalgamating its offerings with fresh marketing campaigns; the award-winning ‘The Sound Monster’ campaign being an ideal example, as it really struck a chord with the consumers, mostly millennial, by representing roaring sound and overwhelming power. The brand’s ATL and BTL marketing activities leverage everything from online marketing channels to TV and even bus shelters to ascertain brand visibility, and include direct campaigns in corporate organizations called ‘ZEB-Connect’.

The recently signed brand ambassador of Zebronics, Hrithik Roshan has already started adding more colors to these campaigns. The Bollywood superstar, who is best known for his moves and style that charm the audience, turns out to be a perfect fit for the brand’s persona, as Zebronics is all about the performance and oozing style.

A Lot More Than Success
“Hurdles and challenges are part of every success story, and we are no different. Building the brand was a huge challenge, which we tackled with teamwork. The role played by our channel partners has also been instrumental in our growth,” adjoins Rajesh. Zebronics applies its ‘Always Ahead’ ideology to its workspace as well. This significantly stimulates its skilled workforce to fill the entire milieu with enthusiasm and ideas. The open culture, feedback systems, and a plethora of employee engagement activities further giving a personal touch to the employee-management relationship, it’s one of the best companies to work for.

This synergy shines even brighter, since Zebronics, as a big family, gives its success back to the society through several CSR activities done under initiatives like Zeb Tech, Zeb Learn, Zeb Environment, and Zeb Health. Hence, when Zebronics continue to democratize the consumer electronics market, the success milestones on the way means a lot more than success!

Key Management:
Rajesh Doshi, Director
A technocrat with decades of
experience, Rajesh's approach of taking opinions and feedback from his team as well as the channel partners and insights from the industry has helped in taking quick mutual decisions that has been a crucial factor behind Zebronics staying ahead of the industry.


●IT & Gaming Peripherals
●Sound Systems
●Mobile/Lifestyle accessories
●Surveillance Solutions

Awards & Recognition:
● Zebronics has received80 industry awards for different categories (including the recognition as a “Path breaking brand to watch out in 2018” “ Extraordinaire Brand 2017-18” Best Multimedia Speaker Brand-2018” & “No.1 IT Peripheral Brand - 2017”

●CSR Activities:
Zebronics believes in making an impact in the community by joining hands to bring change with the help of technology and create a sustainable future. Under our CSR we have programs like Zeb Health, Zeb Learn, Zeb Tech and Zeb Environment that aide in the upliftment and growth of the society.

Zeb Tech
Under the Zeb-Tech initiative, Zebronics promotes curiosity based knowledge that helps students to get trained in different skills. More than 3500+ schools across India were a part of the Zeb-Tech initiative, a platform that helps in the active participation of students with interesting competitions and also hones them for the future.

Zeb Learn
Under the Zeb Learn initiative, Zebronics initiates activity led programs in orphanages and old age homes. Frequent trips are organized filled with cultural activities, education tours, city visits and more. While a cultural tour program was hosted for the elderly home, the kids were taken to a planetarium and a library to spark curiosity in their learning.

Zeb Health
Under the Zeb Health initiative, Zebronics believes in putting health first with health-related programs like health check-ups and medical assistance for the upliftment of the under privileged. A health clinic at Pallikaranai village, set up by Zebronics provides medical assistance at rupees 10. Yoga classes are also held twice a week for the old age home and the orphanage.

Zeb Environment
Under the Zeb-Environment initiative, Zebronics promotes environment-related activities. We actively participated in the distribution of materials and rehabilitation for the Delta region affected by the Gaja cyclone. Earlier, we had also been involved in sapling distribution and we feel it’s our personal responsibility to take charge of our environment.