Vatika Business Centre: Providing Holistic & Highly Functional Serviced Offices

Vineet Taing, President
Vineet Taing, President

Serviced offices, as a concept has recently taken flight in the Indian market. With an increasing number of companies looking to focus their energies solely on strengthening their core competencies, the need for a third party to take care of other needs has been on the rise. As a consequence, India has seen a massive rise in the number of flexible offices. However, the lack of customization and limited support restricts their scope of flexible offices. Remedying these limitations and creating premium customized working spaces for budding organizations & corporates is Vatika Business Centre, the only Indian business centre with ISO 9001:2015 certification.

The Gurugram-headquartered firm leverages technology and deep understanding of business to render clients with fully functional serviced offices, co-working spaces, meeting rooms, and virtual offices. With business centres spread across all major Indian cities such as Gurugram, Bengaluru, Pune, Hyderabad, Mumbai, New Delhi, Noida, Faridabad, and Chennai, Vatika Business Centre is establishing a joyous working environment.

Customizable Office Spaces
While various companies prefer co-working spaces owing to lower rentals, savings on operational costs and a more flexible work environment, the lack of support services and business privacy act as deterrents to productivity. A major difference between other co-working spaces and serviced offices at Vatika Business Centre is the latter’s focus on business privacy and strong business support services. Beginning from picking strategically located business centres with ample parking space, the firm also gives plenty of emphasis to safety arrangements.

The seasoned team at Vatika also offers concierge services, administrative & secretarial support, high speed internet access, 24/7 security, house-keeping, financial services, True Caller powered visitor management, travel desk, and staffing solutions. Functioning with the objective of rendering customized premium offerings, Vatika’s serviced offices are armed with premium yet flexible fit-outs and ergonomically designed furniture that enable clients to upsize or downsize as and when required.

Support Services with a Difference
Vatika understands the critical role
played by time optimisation when it comes to running a successful business; therefore, the firm’s services are designed to boost client productivity. As opposed to other business centres that provide one or two personnel for an entire working unit, every Vatika centre has 6-7 people working to support clients along with a dedicated SPOC. The company has also designed ‘Breathe – Always Cooking Something New’, a live cooking cafeteria that prepares fresh and delicious food throughout the day. With an expansive menu and live cooking stations, ‘Breathe' is designed to render clients with nutritious and balanced meals while working.

"Vatika understands the critical role played by time optimisation when it comes to running a successful business; therefore, the firm’s services are designed to boost client productivity"

The firm also provides expert IT support such as 24/7 network, server and desktop monitoring services, software applications installation, operating system installation, and help desk for Windows to clients. With an in-house IT team stationed in every centre, clients benefit from no 'Down-time' owing to technical glitches. Additionally, the company also guarantees highly secure server rooms, data backup to computers and regular updating of other IT security measures.

Despite getting office spaces to get settled, companies are still required to invest energy and time in operational activities. Vatika undertakes the responsibility to support client organizations through a host of business support services and thus takes care of recruitment to refreshment, community to connectivity and ergonomics to economics. While clients focus on their core competencies, team Vatika helps them with strong business support services such as taxation, registration & legal compliances, concierge services, HR support, IT support, and more.

Keeping a Tech Foot Forward
In today’s digital world, staying on top of technology trends is critical for any organization. Vatika is keeping a strong tech foot forward by infusing cutting-edge technology solutions into its service roster. The firm has devised a fully functional mobile application aimed at efficient client servicing. It lets clients book meeting spaces or other services across various locations and at any given time of the day. Armed with a strong client management software and visitor management system, every Vatika Business Centre functions seamlessly.

Going a step further in terms of security measures, the company renders app-enabled locks instead of keys or cards. Additionally, the firm is soon expected to bring meeting spaces that are equipped with nextgen digital flipcharts in place of traditional white boards along with voice-based commands
for seamless functioning. Going forward with technology bent, Vatika Business Centres are the perfect working spaces for today’s tech savvy entrepreneurs.

Inculcating a Holistic Work Environment
With a tag line 'Joy of Working',Vatika has positioned all its services and solutions towards generating a constructive work environment. The company believes that every working space is a place of worship, and thus ensures to maintain its sanctity. Unlike other flexible offices that focus on activities that do not necessarily boost productivity, Vatika is committed to conduct events or engagement activities that enrich the lives of its clients.

The business centre often organizes health check-ups, blood donation camps, charity events, knowledge interactive events, startup events and GST information events among others. Especially events on environmental awareness have been instrumental to tell people about seed balls, khamba composting, and waste segregation. Likewise, wellness camps have successfully enriched peoples’ awareness on BMI, BP, blood sugar, visceral fat, metabolic age, and overall well-being. In a bid to bring people together, the firm joyously celebrates every major festival across all business centres. Also, VBC provides privileged cards to its clients that enable them enjoy several discounts and benefits across dining, healthcare, entertainment, and various luxury services.

With a deep understanding of refining business productivity, Vatika Business Centre has been thriving for the last 14 years. The ambitious firm today offers more than 5000 seats across 20 centres in nine 9 major Indian cities. Lately, they have opened doors at BKC, Mumbai and are looking forward to launch new business centers at Pune and New Delhi in December this year. With an insatiable appetite for growth, Vatika is looking forward to international expansion across Bangladesh, Singapore, Dubai, and Sri Lanka. With the company’s single-minded commitment to delivery, amplified growth is just a matter of time.

Vineet Taing, President
With over 22 years of domain expertise in the hospitality business, Vineet pioneers in Business Centres and Hotels. His educational qualifications, include BHM from Bengaluru University, an MBA & undergoing a Ph.D on ‘Green Hotels’. Author of three eminent books, he holds an Executive Committee Member position of FHRAI.

Office: Gurugram
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