TTK Prestige: The Journey to Make Lives Easier & Healthier

TT Jagannathan ,Executive Chairman

Who does not remember the iconic Prestige tag line 'Jo Biwi se kare pyaar, woh Prestige se kaise kare inkaar', that was a household slogan among many families for decades! The journey of the company from this tag line to the recently modified 'Jo Apnon se kare pyaar, woh Prestige se kaise kare inkaar' is a tale of innovation and persistent effort to make a home healthy, while life easier.

This journey of Prestige starts with the evolution of Indian kitchens from a hot, messy and cram-full setting to an inspiring, well-organized, and appealing milieu, which is enhanced by the convenience & aesthetics of world-class kitchenware and smart solutions. The pioneer of pressure cooker in India, TTK Prestige Limited (NSE: TTKPRESTIG with a Market Cap of Rs.8,255.68 crore) today commands several categories of kitchen & home appliances market, banking on its persistent customer-centric innovations that over the years have engendered a wide horizon of kitchenware, and smart kitchen & home cleaning solutions.

Making the Life Easier
Let’s go back in time. Imagine the preparation of ‘Dal Makhani’ or ‘Chickpea Masala’ in default of a pressure cooker. For housewives who love making healthy food, this struggle was the hardest part of their chores in the kitchen, but only until Prestige Group came into existence in 1955 and brought Denis Papin’s groundbreaking invention, the Pressure Cooker, to India. It changed the face of kitchens in India forever.

Customer-safety was a predominant challenge back then, which intensified with using spurious spare parts, but not bigger than Prestige’s determination to further innovate and improve the safety measures. The invention of Gasket Release System (GRS), which sent several safety concerns home, was a turning point in the brand’s journey. Its first iconic ad with the slogan - ‘Jo Biwi Se Kare Pyaar, Woh Prestige Se Kaise Kare Inkaar’ accentuated these efforts and made Prestige the household name for pressure cookers in India.

The growth was exponential to the tune of Prestige becoming a public limited company in 1988, and it never turned back. In 1992, the company decided to branch into non-stick cookware segment by joining hands with the world’s best
coating supplier. “One thing that
stood still was our team’s hunger to innovate and expand our offerings to save time and efforts in kitchen. India’s first metal spoon friendly cookware was one of our major innovations of that epoch,” asserts Chandru Kalro, Managing Director, TTK Prestige.

"Innovation being our forte, we create products that genuinely make their life easier from all coordinates by investing whatever it takes"

The dawn of the next century witnessed Prestige shifting gears faster than ever before. Chandru adds, “By 2000, the Indian woman stepped out of the confinement of kitchen and entered the corporate world. This made us realize the need for inventing products to save more time in kitchen, so that they could get more productive time outside”. After pioneering glass top gas stoves that aided in cleanliness, Prestige entered the electric appliances segment in 2000 with a wide range of Smart Kitchen Solutions, including several Electric Appliances that served this purpose.

Needless to say, given the brand persona of Prestige and huge expectations of its customers, metamorphosing from a non-electric background to a whole new electrical realm was never a walk-in the park. Hence, Prestige invested heavily in state-of-the-art technologies, re-engineering its R&D, and product development to boost innovation and stand out amidst the competitors, which in turn made the genuine difference.

The Market Leader
Cut to the present, boasting of five world-class manufacturing facilities spread across the country, Prestige is India’s leading Kitchen Appliances brand by a million miles. This award-winning brand today continues to render customer-centric innovations with a robust R&D department focused on health safety, aesthetics, time & energy saving, and convenience; not to mention the technology partnerships at various levels. In the language of numbers, the brand launches around 75-100 new products every year!

“Everything starts with customers. Thus, we conduct immaculate research to understand customers’ pain points. Innovation being our forte, we create products that genuinely make their life easier from all coordinates by investing whatever it takes,” adjoins Chandru. Moreover, Prestige has one of the top rated after-sales service network in the country, which is manned by a 1000 people strong field force and 350+ touch points.

Occupying the Entire Home
This holistic 360-degree approach drove the company towards expanding from the helm of kitchenware & smart solutions
market to the complete Home
Appliances space a couple of years ago – starting with smart cleaning solutions. But stepping out of the confinements of kitchen with an intact brand persona takes not just cutting-edge products, but also an insightful marketing strategy. The transformation of its tagline and on-boarding the new brand ambassador, Bollywood actress Vidya Balan, who is nationally known for taking up the social interests like hygiene, are highly poised to effectuate this holistic strategy and further consolidate Prestige’s 'household' & 'homely' image.

Time to Accelerate
With an ever growing urban market and rural market widely opening its doorway owing to Ujjwala Scheme, Prestige has more advertisement campaigns pipelined for the coming year, which will leverage not just televisions, but also enhance its already strong presence in the online world and e-Commerce, which accounts for eight percent of its total sale. En route to the future, the company will continue to expand its footprint across new markets and segments with an aim to more than double its turn over by 2023. One of the best companies to work for and develop careers, Prestige has always been in the forefront of returning its success back to the society; several ongoing CSR projects (across healthcare & education) being a strong testament to its commitments.

Key Management:
TT Jagannathan, Executive Chairman
A Gold Medalist from IIT, Chennai, Jagannathan holds a Masters in Operations Research from Cornell University,

TT Raghunathan, Vice Chairman
Raghunathan possesses vast industrial experience and has been actively involved in the management of various companies of the TTK Group.

Chandru Kalro, Managing Director
Chandru is an experienced and qualified engineer who has been with Prestige since 1993 with a total work experience of over 23 years in the industry.


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