TTK Prestige: A Pioneer Firm Dominating Indian Market And Households For More Than 70 Years

Chandru Kalro,Managing Director

Chandru Kalro

Managing Director

Few brands which have been a part and parcel of our childhood memories and have the power to instil a whirlpool of nostalgic feeling among us, TTK Prestige is one among them. Be it a glimpse in the kitchen or a familiar advertisement on television, we all are more or less aware of Prestige Pressure Cookers which are dominating the Indian market as well as the households since the 90s. Established in 1928 as an indenting agency by T.T. Krishnamachari who pioneered the organized distribution in India, TTK Group collaborated with British brand Prestige to introduce pressure cookers in Indian households which was a novel concept back then. An unrivaled brand of the Indian household market since the 1950s, TTK Prestige is today the undisputed leader in the pressure cooker and kitchen appliances industry. TTK Prestige relishes a much vivid history of more than 70 years today by the virtue of its top-notch values for Indian consumers in terms of the trust, safety, and innovation.

With pressure cookers as its flagship offering, TTK Prestige has successfully ventured into various other kitchen products such as Non-Stick Cookware, Gas Stoves & Electrical Appliances, Clean Home Solutions. Recently the range of Prestige Svachh Pressure Cookers were launched - India's First Spillage Control Pressure Cooker that comes with a unique lid that contains any spillage that might occur during the course of cooking and prevents the messy liquid from dripping down. "In the initial days when people in India were unaware of pressure cookers, we went door to door telling people about how pressure cookers can be very much important in their lives.
Being an energy-starved country in the 50s, Indian households were immensely benefited as pressure cooker is a huge energy saving and time-saving device. It was quite an apt and innovative inventiveness which was then marketed door to door in such a large country. From importing the products to become the first manufacturers of the country, for 70 years we are leaders in this category inventing all most all the safety features available in a pressure cooker till today" says Chandru Kalro, Managing Director, TTK Prestige.

With the largest number of service centers in the country to ascertain the customers with quality services, TTK Prestige has one of the widest distributions in the country serving all kinds of sales channels. "Being a mass manufacturing company, our state-of-the-art manufacturing surpasses all the global standards from the product, process, safety and social standards point of view.

We are in a position to control costs very well to make sure that we give the best-engineered products at the lowest possible cost. As we have a metal-based route of manufacturing the raw materials are being procured largely in India only. We have five manufacturing units across the country, with two factories in the south, two in the western region and one in the north," quotes Chandru.

Being a mass manufacturing company, our state-of-the-art manufacturing surpasses all the global standards from the product, process, safety and social standards point of view

TTK Prestige is the flagship company of the TTK group with more than 23 branches all over India and still growing at an exponential rate. Associated with CSR activities based on health and education, TTK Prestige runs a blood bank in Bangalore and Chennai along with a center for de-addiction for alcoholics and drug addicts in Chennai. The company runs a huge school in Manjakkudi village in Tiruvarur district in the state of Tamil Nadu where more than 2500, students are given free education.

"Although the growth has been stagnant for us in the current year due to pandemic, we are expecting double-digit growth in the last three quarters of this year along with an aggressive growth path in the next five years. Our idea is to achieve and maintain leadership with all the categories that we work with," concludes Chandru.

Chandru Kalro, Managing Director
Chandru holds an experience of nearly three decades. He is a qualified engineer and had joined Prestige in 1993.

Offices: Bangalore
Offerings: Kitchen Appliances & Cookwares