The House Of Lara: Nurturing Beauty & Embracing Sustainability

 Preethi Ramamoorthi,    FounderIn a world where beauty and sustainability converge, The House of Lara (THOL) emerges as a trailblazer, committed to nurturing natural radiance while safeguarding the environment. With a profound belief that true beauty emanates from within, THOL's mission is to harness the power of nature to enhance and nourish individual natural radiance. Comprising a dedicated team of organic skincare enthusiasts, THOL is unwavering in its commitment to creating high-quality, eco-friendly cosmetics that rejuvenate the skin while preserving the beauty of our planet.

Nadendla Vedashree, Co-Founder

“The existence of Lara came in the year 2020. The name Lara itself is an Indian Sanskrit name, which means protection. We, as a company, are emphasizing this new era that is slowly moving towards sustainability and ecofriendliness and giving importance to not just the superficial side but also the grassroots elements of our products. As a result, from the point of sourcing raw materials to the process of combining raw materials to create the finished product, we have received certification from numerous organizations that are well-known globally. We are observant of every element and try to bring sustainability from the grassroots level until the finished product reaches our clients”, says Preethi Ramamoorthi, Founder, THOL.

Sustainability Meets Skincare
THOL boasts an extensive skincare range spanning from head to toe, encompassing lotions, shampoos, masks, and over a dozen other items, including refill packs and car fresheners in five unique variants. Notably, the brand transcends gender boundaries, catering to women and men. An unwavering commitment to product quality and due diligence is evident throughout their process, reinforced by a comprehensive set of vital certifications that in still confidence in their product materials.

“We are acutely aware of the highly competitive landscape in the skincare and
beauty segment. Rather than merely being one among many, we aspire to distinguish ourselves as a company committed to creating awareness, driving change, and, above all, ensuring the safety of our clients. This is our foremost priority”, remarked Preethi.

Vaishnavi Kanagala, Director

Furthermore, THOL, as an Indian brand, strongly embraces the 'Make in India' ethos. Recognizing the enduring cultural preference for home remedies in India, Lara offers a convenient alternative. The products are crafted with the utmost care, from ingredients to packaging, with a commitment to sustainable practices and responsible partnerships. The company takes pride in its predominantly women-driven floor team, embodying a holistic approach to business. While they align with the principles of clean living, they acknowledge that it's an evolving journey. THOL remains receptive to innovative solutions and continuous improvement, striving to optimize resources and minimize her environmental footprint. Sustainability for Lara extends beyond its products; it's a comprehensive process that encompasses production, usage, and disposal, ensuring a positive impact at every stage.

At its core, THOL firmly believes in delivering high quality products at affordable prices, as encapsulated in its tagline, 'luxury skincare at affordable prices'. Presently operating in Hyderabad and Bangalore, the brand is steadily expanding its presence to encompass multiple cities via its website and e-commerce platforms. Notably, THOL is poised to venture into physical retail spaces, aiming to offer clients a tangible experience. Their adeptness in customizing solutions, particularly for corporate gifting, has garnered recognition, with numerous companies seeking to incorporate sustainable products into their gifting strategies.

“Our journey is ongoing, and we are just beginning. We firmly believe in the adage that what starts at home endures. Lara's origin in our kitchens is a testament to this, and we continue to evolve. We have several exciting product launches in the pipeline and plans for standardized gift hampers to serve our clients. The possibilities are endless, and we are enthusiastic about the future”, concludes Preethi, Vedashree and Vaishanavi.