• Arm Pearl Beauty: Bringing The Wisdom Of Natural Care To Skincare Formulations
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    Arm Pearl Beauty: Bringing The Wisdom Of Natural Care To Skincare Formulations

    Owing to the Indian skincare market flooded with international and drugstore skincare brands that function on the one-size-fits-all philosophy, the Indian consumers often find themselves at a loss of effective skincare that actually show results. Largely there lies a concern for skin health as these products frequently contain an alarming array of harmful chemicals, jeopardizing the skin's well-being. The unique nature of Indian skin requires solutions that are crafted specifically for it, rooted in the ancient Indian Vedic science. Inspired from these ancient organic treatments, and combined with science, ARM Pearl Beauty was founded in 2008 by Anandas Ram Mohan to formulate cruelty-free, vegan, paraben-free, and eco-conscious skincare products suited perfectly to the Indian skin types.


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