Steemo Kitchen Appliances: Spearheading Transformation with Quality & Avant Garde Kitchen Appliances

  Anisha Kumar, Managing Director & CEO &<br>,    Sameer Kumar, Business Owner

Anisha Kumar, Managing Director & CEO &

Sameer Kumar, Business Owner

According to a recent report by TechSci Research, the domain of electrical kitchen appliances in India, valued at US$ 7.01 billion in 2023, is undergoing significant growth and will continue to grow at a CAGR of 6.75 percent until 2029. The study further attributes the development to the multiplying middle-class population, rising disposable income, and shifting lifestyle preferences, which have led to considerable changes in consumer demands. In addition, the growing awareness about modern yet convenient kitchen solutions has also set customers on a quest for technologically advanced innovations, besides the typical expectations of quality, convenience, and reasonable pricing. But, amongst the increasing numbers of providers in the Indian kitchen appliances’ market, it is rare for consumers to find trustworthy companies that leverage not one or two, but all the aforementioned qualities under one umbrella. Standing tall as the very definition of such a rare gem is Steemo Kitchen Appliances, a pioneering venture that has emerged as one of the leading players in the industry.

Officially established in 1995, Steemo was envisioned by Sameer Kumar, a versatile visionary and a diligent entrepreneur. After completing his graduation in 1979, Sameer soon recognized the need to add diverse layers to his experience and delved into extensive research on various manufacturing projects in the libraries of IIT, in turn kick-starting his entrepreneurial journey. His reading, coupled with self-training in machinery and electrical equipment, further laid the foundation for the inception of a company named Instrument Specialties. “We initially set out to revolutionize the domain through unprecedented manufacturing of what is now called the Earth-Leakage Circuit Breaker (ELCB). We built them at night and sold them in the day, installing them in prestigious historical locations, such as Teen Murti Bhavan and Nehru Museum,” reminisces Sameer. Started with minimal investments, the company has since grown to etch its name in the industry as well as the consumer’s mind through its two brands, Steemo and Gas O Grill, both distinguished for their comprehensive array of kitchen appliances that embody unparalleled quality standards, budget-friendly and user-friendly technological breakthroughs, and on time delivery. Their dominance in multiple review articles and on the most sought-after e-commerce websites like Amazon stands as a testament to the operational excellence of each of their products.

The Differentiating Trait
One of the most effective ways to achieve healthy eating is to retain nutrients while
cooking, and this is precisely where Steemo’s electrical steam cookers excel. Engineered to suit commercial as well as domestic requirements, the steam cookers are available in transparent poly carbonate and stainless steel models. While the turbo steam generator inside the product produces steam within 30 seconds, the stainless steel material ensures non-reactivity to any acids. With a cooking capacity of 1 KG of rice and an automatic shut-off feature, the multilayered cooker also offers specialized variants, including a three-plate idly stand and a continuous soup maker, the industry first product incorporated by Sameer to extract vitamins from the food. The Gas-O-Grill, on the other hand, is a smokeless indoor BBQ designed to run on most burners. Its non-stick coating enhances its lifespan, while its sturdy tempered glass lid and non-stick drip tray with handles facilitate safe handling and easy cleaning. The company has also recently launched the first rotisserie bar grill in India, named the Steemo Deep Grill 360-degree Magical BBQ Grill. “Our products use infrared technology in short, medium, and long wave lengths, which penetrates into the food and cooks it evenly from the inside without scorching the exterior,” adds Sameer.

Another distinctive factor that sets the brands a cut above the rest is their product durability

Another distinctive factor that sets the brands a cut above the rest is their product durability. “Our fundamental idea is that our technology should last for over 20 years. While creating a product, we thoroughly understand the customer’s expectations and incorporate all the needs of the hour. We are adaptable to any system changes in the market,” shares Sameer. Bound by well-crafted marketing policies, the company exhibits its products in live demos held throughout the country, deploying numerous cooks traveling across cities. Additionally, the organization is also marked by its customer responsiveness and exceptional after-sales service. Unlike others, apart from the 2-5 year warranty, the company also offers an immediate replacement in case of any issues, even after 5-6 years. However, the venture’s deep-rooted commitment to quality has led to a very low rate of such product exchanges.

Sameer also takes immense pride in his strong and quality-conscious team, which includes inhouse employees, external agencies, and cooks, who collectively work towards uplifting Steemo’s motto ’Quality means doing it right when no one is looking’. Remarkably, there are around 15 employees who have been there with the company since inception, which underscores Steemo’s people-centered work culture that fosters creativity, openness, and innovation. With such distinctive factors in its repository, Steemo is currently in the process of introducing a new commercial model of its 360-degree rotisserie BBQ with the aim of selling around 1000 units in one go. Anticipating a widespread hit in India, the company is also looking forward to marketing the product in Canada and the US, thereby expanding Steemo’s legacy of ingenuity beyond the boundaries of India.