Sportyze: Empowering Children with Fitness and Sports Programs aligned with Fun based Activities

Ankur Chaudhary, Co-Founder & CSO, Richa Mamgain Pant, Co-founder and CEO,&  Anubhuti Singh, Co-Founder & COO
Ankur Chaudhary, Co-Founder & CSO, Richa Mamgain Pant, Co-founder and CEO & Anubhuti Singh, Co-Founder & COO
Regular physical activity helps a child develop in a range of ways. Not only does it help their physical health, but it also helps improve their brain function and emotional wellbeing. Many children today face health issues like weak immunity, less stamina, high blood pressure, thyroid, diabetes, etc. yet proper progress towards their well being through physical fitness is ignored most of the time.

For adults, fitness is a big industry now but child fitness is not given much priority and proper measures are not taken to keep them fit. Kids have Right to stay fit and healthy says Richa Mamgain Pant, the CEO, Sportzye. We are one institution working in this aspect by shaping kids physically, so mentally.

The institution believes that healthier kids are the happier ones. They are confident and become champions in every walk of life by learning through participation in sports during their school days. Sports help them to build strength, stamina, and agility which automatically impact their well-being. Sportyze has a kids' gym which has been the learning ground for many young athletes.

The Kids' Gym
The Kids Gym in Sportyze offers fitness with a lot of engagement and enjoyment aligned with international standards equipment, practices, and experienced coaches. Children love to run, tumble, roll and enjoy playing exciting games. The level grade movement in fitness skills keeps the children engaged and excited all day round. Sportyze activities are thus built age wise, suiting each child's physical stamina and fitness level. Programs here assist every child to improve his/her fitness level, life skills proficiency, personality
development, social communication etc. Kids Gyms have all the safety measures required to keep the kids safe and secure. "We have bio metric access to ensure authorized entry and all our staff is fully vacci nated", Richa explains.

"All our programs are based on an extensively researched curriculum. These programs and playful warm ambiance are carefully designed, periodic "Meet the Coach" meetings ensure that parents are well informed on the child's progress," Richa confirms.

Every child has a right to stay healthy

Sportyze also understands that coaching is a very crucial aspect. There fore, all its staff is certified trainers and experienced teachers offering the warmth and right kind of support that the kids need.

Special Moments At Sportyze
Sportyze special Gymnastics birthdays are one of its kind; a welcome break from sit in birthday with burgers, pizzas or french fries! "We offer them the best sports themed birthday parties or camps for their kid's special day. Kids enjoy fun filled instructor led games, music, gymnastic, and other exciting activities", Richa proudly defines.

Health is the priority for every kid in Sportzye. It believes that immunity is built and maintained through physical play daily as this enables children to stay positive and energetic. "We now have added sports based Preschool and Daycare after the Kids Gym and we are happy to offer fitness and wellness to our kids which bring confidence in them," Richa concludes.

Management Profile
Richa Mamgain Pant is the co-founder and CEO of Sportzye who is a story teller, creator, kids' well-being enthusiast, an HR professional as well as a mother who values the health of every child and thus catering to the fitness and well-being of children in the institute.