Skyled: A Frontier in Delivering Unparalleled Quality, Innovation & Continual Support

 Rais Qureshi,   Managing Director

Rais Qureshi

Managing Director

Growing exponentially, consumer electronics in India have gained remarkable prominence, primarily against the backdrop of the global pandemic, the subsequent technology boom, and evolving lifestyle preferences, among other factors. This has also spurred a demand for new-age, quality, and cost-effective products in order for manufacturers to outcompete others. However, in a bid to attract customers and convert leads with such extensive standards of solutions, most companies in the industry tend to overlook the significance of after-sales service, which is in fact an integral element. But SkyLed, a prominent name in the realm of consumer electronics, stands at the other end of that spectrum and is distinguished for leveraging the best of innovation, quality, and, most importantly, post sales support. “Backed by technological excellence and manufacturing brilliance clubbed with the best possible after-sales service, we are on a mission to stretch the horizons of entertainment, and thus, every purchase of our product brings happiness to the customer’s home", states Rais Qureshi, Managing Director, SkyLed.

SkyLed, which started its journey in 2007 with the launch of Sky Mobiles, has grown into a trustworthy source with a multinational reach under the aegis of Rais, a visionary leader and a technology enthusiast. Enduring a few setbacks and a whole lot of milestones over the years, the brand has successfully carved a niche in providing an advanced range of products, including LED TVs, all in-one smart TVs, audio systems, air conditioners, and e-scooters, which are designed to offer a multitude of choices and comfort. Notably, powered by Rais’ zeal to connect eco-friendly mass consumption products with the common man, each of the brand’s innovations stand as a testament to it’s deep-seated commitment to delivering unparalleled quality of entertainment, excellence, value, and cutting-edge technology all at an affordable price. Currently, the Kolkata-headquartered firm has a strong foothold in Bangladesh, Dubai, and India, with factories in China and Noida (India), and is operational in over 15 states of India including Maharastra, west Bengal, and
the Tamil Nadu through a robust network of dealers and distributors who ensure the equal delivery of quality standards. “Our company also provides consumer finance facilities for our valued customers and channel finance options for our valued dealers and distributors", adds Rais.

The Distinct Value Proposition
In today’s fast-paced business world, staying ahead of the technology curve has become more important than ever for the companies to get a firm footing in the market and to stay relevant to the customers. Marked by its agility, SkyLed is hyper-focused on catering to the customers’ technology demands, which is exemplified by its advanced products and their features, like BOE and LG IPS Panel, 2GB/16GB memory, Google assistance voice control Remote and Android V-12.0 on LED TV, Sunvoice speakers in the audio system, and the ACs with Hi-Lee compressors and Bluefin technology. “SkyLed, as a brand, is always edging past its contemporary competitors. Our mission to become the state-of-the-art is not merely a destination for us, but the way of life", specifies Rais.

Leveraging a continuous support to the customers, SkyLed has deployed multiple actions even after sales, which can be accessed through its web-based management system & authorized service centers present across India

Another significant point of difference that SkyLed brings to the market is its innate nature to prioritize people and their happiness. Leveraging a continuous support to the customers, the company has deployed multiple actions even after sales, which can be accessed through its webbased management system and authorized service centers present across India. But, along with the customers, the company equally values its expert team, comprising of around 150 skilled detail-oriented personnel who share the company’s vision and core principles of integrity and professionalism. “SkyLed is always successful in retaining a team of highly experienced marketing, sales, and after-sales service professionals who are with the company during both good and bad days, including COVID and recessions", shares Rais. The venture has fostered a healthy work culture, which is reinforced by the brand’s supportive infrastructure to enable continual efficiency and growth.

The Present & the Future
Owing to such people-centric initiatives, SkyLed is awarded by the Hon’ble Minister Javed Khan as the Rising Brand of the East. With such feathers in its cap, the company is currently in the phase of expanding its product portfolio to include smart watches and washing machines. With an aim to spread its wings pan-India, the company is fueling its mission to be the best in every product that has its name to enable its customers to enjoy the highest quality of entertainment.