Sealy: Offering Best-in-Class Luxury Mattresses For A Good Night's Sleep

G S S Jagannath,DirectorA good night's sleep is paramount for a fresh and productive morning, followed by an energetic day. However, most of the times, many of us fail to sleep well at night and wake up tired with a disturbed mood, and unwanted pain in the body. However, people usually sleep well in high end hotels owing to the amazing beds and mattresses used. These mattresses are exclusively crafted for unparalleled comfort and not many mattress manufactures have the capability to offer such products. Sealy, on the other hand has mastered the manufacturing of excellent mattresses and is one of the leading mattress companies established in 1881 in a town by the name of Sealy in Texas, US. It is one of the most preferred mattress suppliers by the global hospitality industry and are now available for you to enjoy at home. The company designs its mattresses especially for the luxury consumer and offers a wide range of mattresses to choose from. "We offer unique and advanced technology driven mattresses to meet diverse requirements of our clients and budget. Our sleep systems seamlessly ensure that our users experience and enhanced sleeping experience that they desire. All Sealy mattresses are designed to effectively provide unmatched comfort," says GSS Jagannath, Director, Sealy.

The Unmatched Engineering of Sealy Mattresses
Comfort, support & durability are the three main features of Sealy mattresses. A Sealy mattress gives support to your body and helps in keeping your posture intact. The mattresses last for years and thus help the users save money. Its mattresses come with a warranty ranging from five years and goes upto ten years. The company uses patented technology such as the Posturepedic ReSTTi coil, Edge Guard, Posture Tech coil, Foundation systems and others to manufacture the mattresses. This technology is engineered in a way to provide utmost support to your back and core.

The company designs its mattresses especially for retail users, accom modation industry and offers a wide range of mattresses to choose from

Sealy Hybrid Mattresses, Unicased Mattresses, Posture Premier Mattresses, Posture Life Mattresses and others are included in the different models that the company offers. The Hybrid mattresses have gel beads infused within the memory foam that enhances a cooler sleeping environment. It also conforms to individual body weight and shape and thereby provides a unique sleep experience. The Unicases and Posture Premier Mattressess are designed around the patented Posture Tech coil with sensory arm that has the capability to senses movements and quickly respond with correct support. In addition, the Posture Life Mattresses offers a soothing sleep featuring smart support. These are coupled with deep cushioning foams to help the muscles relax and rejuvenate.

The engineering of the mattresses are simple and include Comfort Layers (key in determining how a bed feels), Pressure Relief Layers (located just beneath the comfort layers and fulfills two main functions two functions conforms to the parts of the body that need pressure relief such as shoulders and disperses weight in the area that requires correct support such as lower hips and back)and Posture Channels (maintaining body's proper alignment which is crucial to a perfect night's sleep).

"We offer our mattresses to the leading players in the hospitality sector and now for use in the home, and we aim to enhance our reach further in the coming days. Our customers have been extremely happywith our products and we will keep on working to satisfy them in the days to come as well," Jagannath concludes.