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  • 10 Most Promising Mattress Brands - 2021

    With the rising level of income and health consciousness, there has been a visible shift in the customer perspective of choosing products. Even laymen, who once were ignorant of brands or scientifically better side of buying a product and mostly opted to buy things from local manufacturers just to meet the basic needs, now have a changed perspective about purchase. Today, they opt for sheer comfort and functionality of the product. This is specially visible in the case of products like mattresses and beds. With several new emerging trends in the mattress industry, mattress manufacturers are adopting innovative strategies to ensure customer satisfaction. Today, mattress indicates quality of consumer life. The growth in the mattress market is largely led by factors such as increased...

10 Most Promising Mattress Brands - 2021


Company Logo Company Name Company Management Company Description
Sealy Sealy G S S Jagannath,Director One of the most preferred mattress brand by the retails consumers and global hospitality industry
Company Logo Company Name Company Management Company Description
Dreamgenic Mattress Dreamgenic Mattress Shiva Prakash, Founder & CEO Dreamgenic was established to offer good quality mattresses to the customers at a level of price apart from what is available in the market
Duroflex Duroflex Mathew Chandy, Managing Director Offering a wide range of high quality products that include Mattresses, Beds, Sofa Sets, Bed Linen and other Sleep Accessories
Kurl On Kurl On Jyothi Pradhan, CEO India's best selling mattress company which provides a wide range of variety like coir mattress, foam mattress and spring mattress
Peps India Peps India K Madhavan, Managing Director An ISO 9001:2008 certified mattress company offering a wide range of mattresses that are made using 100 percent inported raw materials
Serta India Serta India S. Sundar Rajan, CEO - DFMC & Executive Director The most preferred brand for most of the 5-star hotel properties world wide
Sleepwell Sleepwell Anupam Srivastava, Head - Sales Offering a wide range of ergonomically designed mattresses and other sleep-related accessories
Springtek Mattress Springtek Mattress Namit Goel, Founder & Owner One of the renowned brands in India having a wide portfolio of products that include mattresses and other home accessories
Sunday Mattresses Sunday Mattresses Alphonse Reddy, Founder & CEO An Indian mattress company known to use as many natural materials as possible, from organic cotton top cover to certified latex
Wakefit Wakefit Ankit Garg, CEO Offering a wide range of furniture and other home solutions that are both designed ergonmically and are economical as well