RiseUp coffee: Straight From The Real Genesis Of The Indian Coffee Industry

Around 400 years ago, when Baba Budan secretly brought seven coffee beans from Mocha by strapping them to his chest when returning from Mecca to India and planted them at Chickmagalur in Karnataka, little did he know that he was creating a cult in the country of tea lovers. Today, the country's revenue in the coffee segment is expected to be around $423 million in 2019 with the market expected to grow at a CAGR of 7.7 percent between 2019-2023. Manufacturing coffee powder since 1938 straight from this real genesis of the Indian coffee industry is RISE UP COFFEE.

Sudhir Surya,  CEO

Credited with being India's only filter coffee producer using German machine to roast and grind both coffee and chicory in the coffee industry, RISE UP COFFEE is well known for its quality and consistency. From fresh filter coffee powder, tea powder to spices, RISE UP COFFEE offers a range of products that finely satiate every consumer's taste need. Offering five coffee variants (Rise Up Aroma Ribbon, Rise Up Aroma Fresh, Rise Up Aroma Premium, Rise Up Aroma Platinum and Aroma Pure), Rise Up Premium Tea, every product is produced using hand-picked raw materials.

Quality At Its Best
Using decades of manufacturing experience and expertise in coffee industry, RISE UP COFFEE has created a wide range of products with different blends of roasted coffee seeds that are grown in the lushly coffee plantations of the Coffee Bowl of India (Chickmagalur). The coffee powders are manufactured out of specially picked coffee beans and chicory picked by a team of experts to maintain quality of the product and for its long time sustainability in market. "Coffee beans used in our powder are high altitudes coffee, which are grown 5000 meters above sea level," asserts Sudhir Surya, CEO, RISE UP COFFEE. Further through a dedicated cupping division, RISE UP COFFEE
systematically evaluates flavour, aroma, body, after taste & acidity in coffee samples.

RISE UP COFFEE's every blend is from third generation traditional blends. Strictly following FSSAI quality standards, RISE UP COFFEE is equipped with the latest machinery for roasting, grinding and packing to maintain quality and safety parameters consistency. It all starts with experts hand-picking the beans, and then using slow roasting method under the watchful guidance of Roast Masters to coax the best from every bean to extract its goodness to create delicate flavours, aroma and complexity in each stage of processing. "Only the finest quality and carefully cultivated clean coffees make their way into our roaster," explains Sudhir.

Sealing The Taste
Due to the heat generated while grinding the beans, the volatile flavour oil evaporates from the coffee beans, which reduces cup quality. But RISE UP COFFEE is equipped with Probat Roller Grinders from Germany that guarantees better aroma retention through a unique chilling process. It delicately cuts coffee to equal sizes rather than crushing, which leads to better and speed filtration. The company then mixes/blends with chicory. Sudhir avers, "Our coffee is having sophisticated fast & gentle high precision Norwegian Fluidized zone mixing system resulting in consistent mixing". Coffee usually has shorter shelf life and the aroma vanishes slowly with time. Hence RISE UP COFFEE uses computers directly to monitor the packaging process. Its on-site packaging locks the fresh and rich flavour, further ensuring that the taste stays intact.

Only the finest quality and carefully cultivated clean coffees make their way into our roaster

Supported by dedicated channel partners who are pioneers in retail marketing like D-Mart, Namdhari, Big Bazaar, Nilgiris, Heritage, Easyday, Foodworld, Hypercity apart from the leading players in Hotel and Hospitality industry, RISE UP COFFEE products are also easily available on e-Commerce stores like BigBasket, Amazon, Grofers, and others. The company looks forward to grow the brand presence through these channels and plans to stick to its core philosophy of quality at its best.

Sudhir Surya, CEO
Sudhir is a highly proficient business leader who stands at the forefront of RISE UP COFFEE's successful growth story so far.

With diverse experiences in the field of marketing, Yamuna currently spearheads the marketing department at RISE UP COFFEE and is taking it to newer heights.

Sridhar, Director-Operations Deepak, Director-Manufacturing Venkatesh, Director-Operation

Quick Facts:
• Location: Chickmagalur
• Offerings: Coffee Powder, Tea Powder & Spices