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  • 10 Most Promising Tea & Coffee Brands - 2019

    History reveals that monks and saints used to consume tea to stay awake to practice and pray during early 750 BC, besides using it for medicinal purposes. But, the commercial use of tea started post the invasion of the British in India, who were basically great tea lovers. That’s how tea became an essential part of our lives, while India currently stands-out as one of the largest producers as well as consum­ers of tea in the world. On the hand, coffee has its own history in India that echoes about a Sufi Saint who brought the first set of coffee beans to India, over 400 years back. Well, today, Indian coffee is priced higher than the global rates, which por­trays its phenomenal growth in production and consumption. Taking these two brackets to newer heights is a wide...

10 Most Promising Tea & Coffee Brands - 2019

Company Logo Company Name Company Management Company Description
Blue Tokai Coffee Roaters Blue Tokai Coffee Roaters Matt Chitharanjan & Namrata Asthana, Founders Visiting farms acrosss India to source the best handpicked coffee and establishing standard quality roasting parameters and processes
Chai Chun Tea Chai Chun Tea Rajeev Baid, Founder & CMD Presenting a unique range of products with over 167 varieties of tea, Chai Chun offers all popular brand tea under one roof, enabling customers to select tea according to their taste & budget
Duncans Darjeeling Tea Duncans Darjeeling Tea Sanjay Mazumdar, H.R.D Procuring the finest tea leaves and a bud grown at its own Duncan gardens expanding across over 7500 hectares in Darjeeling and the Himalayan foothills
Halmari Tea Estate Halmari Tea Estate Soham Daga, Executive Vice President With a legacy of over 100 years of experience, expertise and an equally strong pursuit of quality, Halmari offers luxury teas to the world and stands tall as the top ranking garden of Assam
Halmira Estate Tea Halmira Estate Tea Avneesh Newar, CEO The company ascertains that leaves are superbly sourced & carefully hand-picked from its tea gardens and then processed & packed to perfection, maintaining the purest form
Maco Brew Maco Brew Anand Jodh, Founder & CEO Regularly visiting various coffee estates and farmers across the world, it handpicks the top-notch coffee beans with the help of its dedicated 25 Q Graders team and import them to India
Riseup Coffee Riseup Coffee Sudhir Surya, CEO Leveraging over eight decades of coffee-manufacturing experience, the company offers world-class flavours straight from Coffee Blow of India
Senchal Agro Senchal Agro Siddharth Bansal, Director Delivers top-notch & fresh tea products to customers and higher prices to leaf growers, with great accent on sustainable sourcing
Tata Global Beverages Tata Global Beverages Ajoy Kumar Misra, CEO Known to be the world's second-largest manufacturer & distributor of tea & coffee, it markets tea under the major brands Tata Tea, Tetley, Good Earth Teas and JEMCA
The Indian Bean The Indian Bean Kunal Ross, Founder Specialized in selling & exporting single estate filter coffee online sourced only from the estates of Coorg and Kodaikanal, across India & abroad