Purva Naturals: Nurturing Organic Excellence with Simplicity

 Raja Sankar,      Founder

Raja Sankar


The organic industry continues to thrive as consumers increasingly prioritize health, sustainability, and ethical practices. The organic brands uphold stringent standards, eschewing synthetic chemicals and embracing sustainable farming methods. By nurturing the environment and supporting local communities, the organic industry fosters a healthier future for both individuals and the planet. With an ever-growing demand for organic products, this industry remains at the forefront of promoting well-being and sustainable living.

Purva Naturals, an esteemed organic brand, has emerged as a shining example of excellence in the organic industry. With a humble beginning a decade ago, the company has successfully combined traditional values with innovative techniques to offer pure, organic, and cold-pressed oils. The inception of Purva Naturals can be traced back to Raja Sankar, the founder of the company, who made a remarkable career shift from being a Director at Cognizant Technology Solutions to becoming an organic farmer. Inspired by a desire to create a more meaningful impact, Raja embarked on a journey to explore the world of organic farming. During his exploration, Raja received positive feedback about the quality of his products from friends and acquaintances. Encouraged by their words, he decided to step into the market and establish Purva Naturals. The company's focus was to keep the oil extraction process simple and maintain the highest standards of quality.

With a strong belief in simplicity, Purva Naturals follows a straightforward approach
to oil production. Rather than complicating the process with excessive technology, the compa ny strives to keep things simple. Purva Naturals takes pride in nurturing its farmers and providing them with a platform for marketing their organic produce. This approach ensures the sustainability of the organic supply chain and fosters a mutually beneficial relationship between the company and its suppliers.

Purva Naturals has successfully combined traditional values with innovative techniques to offer pure, organic, and cold-pressed oils

To deliver the best quality oils, Purva Naturals invested in proprietary technology. Raja, along with his friend Ravi, designed a unique slow-moving rotor that ensures oils are crushed at a controlled temperature below 50 degrees Celsius. This specialized machine preserves essential nutrients and meets the standards set by European guidelines for cold-pressed oils. “By combining traditional practices with innovative techniques, we can successfully meet the expectations of modern consumers”, adds Raja Sankar.

The journey of Purva Naturals has been one of continuous growth and commitment to organic farming. Starting with organic coconuts, the company expanded its product range to include sesame and groundnut oils. Despite its growth, Purva Naturals remains dedicated to affordability and maintaining the highest quality standards. Over 70 percent of its business comes from repeat orders, demonstrating the trust and loyalty of its customers.

Purva Naturals actively empowers farmers by promoting organic farming practices and offering them guidance. the firm has actively engaged with farmers to promote organic farming practices and increase their return on investment. By working closely with farmers and providing them guidance on sustainable practices, the company aims to convert at least 200 farmers in their geographic region to organic farming. With 38 farmers currently supplying their raw materials, Purva Naturals fosters long-term relationships, regularly visiting farms, and resolving issues while educating farmers about organic practices. Also, the farmers are ensured of a fair price for their produce.

Looking towards the future, Purva Naturals envisions significant growth and global expansion. With interest from overseas markets, the company plans to establish a presence in countries like Japan and the UK. Its goal is to achieve a turnover of 100 crores within the next five years while establishing locally distributed production units make close to where the right raw materials are grown. This model emphasizes the importance of quality control and product development, with dedicated operation centers led by entrepreneurs.