Popcorn Furniture: Imparts Fun Learning among K-12 Institutions via Ergonomic, Functional & Safe Furniture

Mononita Paul,Senior Manager - Marketing
Mononita Paul, Senior Manager -Marketing

Choosing furniture with outstanding aesthetics specifically for educational institutions is instrumental in not only creating an effective learning environment for the students, but also in overcoming their crucial health and posture problems. The demand for ergonomically designed furniture is escalating worldwide, while many companies are coming forward to resolve this demand through their best-in-class furniture. Being India’s largest school furniture company, Popcorn Furniture stands tall amidst such organizations as a one-stop-shop for furniture across the K-12 segment. Offering a portfolio of products, including kindergarten and school-based equipment that can address end-to-end furniture requirements of all educational institutions, it provides ergonomic, safe and functional furniture for students with a sole objective of making learning fun.

Popcorn’s kindergarten equipment are essentially developed for classrooms, role-play (kitchen, supermarket, puppetry & doll areas), gymnasiums and playground, while school equipment are focused on classrooms, libraries, cafeterias, laboratories and many more areas. Recounting the aesthetics of its range, Mononita Paul, Senior Manager – Marketing, Popcorn Furniture elucidates, “Since our own design team crafts the designs exclusively, our products outshine as innovative ones in the market that promote collaborative learning by being modular, knock-down and flexible”. No wonder, Popcorn is today the proud winner of two prestigious awards from World Didac for excellence in school furniture.

Popcorn's Fortes
A plethora of facets demarcate Popcorn Furniture from the burgeoning competition in the school furniture market and positions it at an unbeatable
position. Each solution at Popcorn is framed in accordance with each customer’s vision by leveraging 17+ years of expertise in the industry. With experience and trust on the fact that school furniture is sold mostly through word of mouth, Popcorn’s designers always treat each customer’s space as their own as it might even be a future advertisement of their work. The firm further assists these customers in furnishing the infrastructure so that their goals can be achieved on time. Especially, during the design of libraries and laboratories, Popcorn takes diligent care to include all technical aspects and modern requirements. Quality is never compromised among the firm’s products (even across the economic which is ensured range) by its dedicated Quality Assurance team. Poised with its premium quality products, Popcorn is bagging tremendous customer satisfaction besides distinguishing itself as one of the few companies that produce child safe and ergonomic furniture.

Comprehending the modern educational needs, Popcorn’s interior designers design a wide range of furniture with the highlight on chairs – its flagship product. The firm develops these chairs from its own moulds by emphasizing on the aspects of ergonomics and utility. All its products are manufactured at its facility equipped with German machineries, while the edge bindings and chairs undertake heavy duty stress tests. The masterminds behind all these work are the firm’s strong team of efficient and energized people who work with fun and zest towards reaching one common goal regardless of being segregated across various departments. They also participate in multiple CSR activities in Delhi/NCR and Varanasi. To tune the skill sets of these masterminds seamlessly, Popcorn organizes in-house training programs for sales & marketing team, special indoor and outdoor workshops, including training from international designers for product designers and also regular training sessions for installation team.

Customer Happiness & Content
Post customers placing orders, Popcorn’s well-trained team of people execute the product installation at requisite locations keeping all the safety features in mind. As customer happiness and
content is the main target for the firm, its after sales support team ascertains the fastest and best support to customers whenever and wherever required. Year after year, customers come back to Popcorn to satiate their furniture needs across their existing and expanded offices as well as their brand new branches. Recently, Popcorn unveiled its new campaign – ‘Popcorn sab ke liye’ with a deep-rooted focus on catering small towns and cities through an affordable and sturdy furniture bracket. While supplying kindergarten furniture to a few Government schools in Delhi, the firm aspires to create basic and proper educational environment even for the Tier-2 & Tier-3 cities and villages.

Popcorn Furniture preferred the happy and peppy brand name‘Popcorn’which pertains to fun and entertainment for children,as their beginnings involved furniture only for kids. Gradually, the firm started production of furniture right from kindergarten till universities with its tagline ‘Making Learning Fun’ and grew at the rate of 20 percent each year. Presently, Popcorn has its offices across Delhi/NCR, Mumbai and Dubai with operations spanning all over India, Middle East and Singapore and a client base embodying groups/schools like DPS, Amity, Ryan, Reliance, Birla, Tata, Cambridge and a lot more. Every year, the firm envisions launching a new product range in order to present customers with different products that can make learning environments more encouraging. With immediate focus on Bangalore and Chennai, Popcorn also plans on establishing offices in other parts of India as well as enriching its international operations by expanding businesses in the booming market of Africa and others.

Key Management:
Mononita Paul, Senior Manager – Marketing
Post working for Ingram Micro, Hewlett-Packard and UshaComm, Mononita joined Popcorn Furniture wherein she has been managing all its marketing activities with unparalleled competence and experience.

Office: Noida
Offerings: Furniture for Kindergarten, School, Playground, Gymnasium & College