Olixir: Manufacturer of Premium Cold Pressed Oils True to their Ingredients

 Priyanshi Patel,     FounderThe current market scenario for cold pressed oils in India is quite promising owing to the increasing awareness of health benefits of using cold pressed oils. With the rising demand for natural and organic products, the market for cold pressed oils has seen the emergence of many suppliers of the same over the last few years. However, all the products that are available in the market in this category are not completely pure and sometimes are complete false. This is why the industry needs manufacturers and suppliers who produce cold pressed oils that are true to their ingredients and that too in pure and traditional ways. This is why Olixir uses traditional method of cold pressing to extract the oils from the seeds, nuts, or fruits, which eliminates the use of any heat and helps in preserving the natural nutrients, antioxidants, and flavour of the natural oil, making it healthier and tastier than other refined oils available in the market. Its oils are 100 percent cold-pressed and lab-tested. The company conducts regular lab tests to ensure that our oils are free from harmful chemicals and other contaminants.

Its commitment to sustainability also ex- tends to the packaging. It is currently using semi-sustainable packaging but aiming for sustainable packaging that will be recyclable and is made from ecofriendly materials. “Our unique selling points have helped us establish a strong brand presence in the
market, and we are constantly looking for ways to improve and innovate. In the future, we plan to expand our product range to include more wellness products that are natural, ecofriendly, and sustainable”, mentions Priyanshi Patel, Founder, Olixir.

We started with two products & today we successfully stand at 10+ products with 7 new products in line to be launched with 5 gifting ranges

Overcoming Challenges
Encountering challenges is crucial as it fosters growth and development. When one embarks on new projects, they inevitably face unforeseen problems and uncertainties, which equips them with invaluable experience for future planning. Olixir’s primary hurdle lies in changing the entrenched habit of using regular oils, as it takes time to spread awareness about the benefits of cold-pressed oils. Nonetheless, it views this challenge as an opportunity, especially as the trend towards healthy living gains popularity in metro cities. “While our brand enjoys a strong reputation that appeals to customers, their preference for conventional usage sometimes impedes their willingness to try our innovative products. Despite these challenges, Olixir has proven its resilience in overcoming obstacles and achieving success”, says Priyanshi.

Olixir has a foundation with the passion of the founder and the team. The spirit to build this is so high that every new achievement makes us want to achieve even bigger milestones. Post covid 19 the team is stepping stones in terms of profit and exploring sales channels like no one in the market. The team is celebrating the 5th year of Olixir by getting placed at more than 100 stores in Ahmedabad and other cities of Gujarat today in less than a year's time, altogether touching the metro cities like Mumbai and Bangalore brings us closer to targets we set as a brand. “We started with two products and today we successfully stand at 10+ products with 7 new products in line to be launched with 5 gifting ranges. It gives us immense pleasure to associate with multiple brands and we look forward to associating with many more in coming months. We look ahead to achieving on a global scale with innovation and discoveries the country can be proud of”, she adds. The company wants to continue to innovate and offer unique and high-quality products to customers. It also plans to further expand the wellness segment and provide natural and effective solutions for customers' beauty needs.