Nidhika Shekhar: Revamping Indian Fashion, Making it More Versatile

 Nidhika Shekhar,  FounderThe fashion industry is expected to grow US$87.60 billion in revenue in 2022. A yearly growth is anticipated to grow for the industry at a CAGR of 4.66 percent during the forecast period between 2022-2027. Women's Fashion, which will account for a market share of 39.51 billion US dollars in 2022, is the industry's biggest chunk. India has since early times been a nation known for its diverse fashion, textiles, and much more. The varied states in India have their own unique fashion, with diverse materials, cuts, colours, prints, embroideries, and much more.

This provides abundant opportunities for fashion designers to dabble in and experiment with different options easily available at their disposal. Such opportunities in turn are greatly impacting the Indian fashion industry which is rapidly evolving and witnessing the emergence of some extremely beautiful home-grown brands showcasing amazing designs. Nidhika Shekhar is an Indian fashion brand synonymous with contemporary fusion fits. The brand celebrates diversified lifestyles and female forms with its exploration of silhouettes, colours, embroidery, and drapes. Maintaining a sense of traditional yet modern spirit in the outfits to make Indian craftsmanship reach the world has always been the focus.
Offerings of the Brand
The fashion industry is one that is constantly evolving and seeing many competing brands rising. Each brand creates its own niche by offering clothing that fits within the brand's main fashion fascination. "I was always fascinated by the sheer beauty of Indian wear. But the garments were used just twice or thrice and this is one thing I wanted to change with this label. We have always focused on continuing the tradition of Indian wear and craftsmanship while experimenting with silhouettes to make them versatile. It is not just Indo-western. Every design comes to life with days of research and experimentation with the fabrics to reach a silhouette that is truly unique", shares Nidhika Shekhar, Founder.

Every design comes to life with days of research & experimentation with the fabrics to reach a silhouette thatis truly unique

The tumultuous segment of fashion and design also undergoes ups and downs, however, it is the sheer passion of designers for the craft which keeps the industry always flourishing. "The fashion industry has always been a flourishing one. Yes, the pandemic led to an unforeseen expansion which we did not predict. But I appreciate that the artists are getting their due recognition now. We, as a brand, have focused on not losing sight of what we stand for and this is what I would like to take forward as the industry grows even further", further shares Nidhika Shekhar. Staying true to her roots which inspired the creator inside her, Nidhika seeks to make Indian fashion much more versatile than it has ever before.

Future Roadmap
There is still much to be accomplished in the area of Indian festive clothing, despite the fact that this niche is not particularly a new one. When the brand was first started, the idea behind its establishment was to experiment with varied options, thereby engaging in creativity while maintaining a spirit of youth. Through experiments with silhouettes the brand has attempted to do just that. Nevertheless, after spending so much time in the business, Nidhika still wanted to take the necessary precautions to ensure that the creativity and originality that go into each ensemble that the brand produces are effectively incorporated into how they navigate the manufacturing space going forward. In the coming years, the brand aspires to continue on its experimentation path, while creating a more visible space for itself in the industry.