• Blue Buddha: Seriously Denim!
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    Blue Buddha: Seriously Denim!

    Fashion is a fast-paced industry dominated by dynamic trends and influencer marketing. However, fashion, today, goes way too fast, in an endless cycle of self-destruction that denies progress and consistency. Nothing lasts, of course, but there's a reassuring quality to timelessness. The pointless urge to express wealth and status has majored to a point that fashion has stopped communicating with the realm in the process of selfish image-making, and struggling to rise out of its co-coon, soaring into reality from fiction. Blue Buddha calls for a change with a whisper louder than a shout. Prioritizing customer happiness as the end-point of success, Blue Buddha is a legit Denim maker with Indigo coursing through its veins. The parent company, Zedex Clothing, is an end-to-end tech-driven...


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