Macobrew: Trailblazer Of Unrivalled Versions Of Cold Brew Coffee

Most cold brew coffee lovers rave about it as a caffeinated elixir that not only tastes divine, but entails multiple health benefits. Clearly, cold brew is not just a regular iced coffee, but a deep sense of comfort and identity, prepared via an exquisite art and science of brewing. Today, with the coffee revolution of hanging-out at cafes permeating every where, majority of the people find it difficult to make cold brew coffee at home, especially at their own cost of power and equipment. Redefining this coffee revolution is Macobrew, a pioneer in promoting coffee to people in its simplest and healthiest form ­ Cold Brew. With an extremely simple brewing process that requires no special coffeemakers, Macobrew's Cold Brew Coffee Bags hold the most exquisite flavours of the world's best Arabica beans from Chikmagalur.

Anand Jodh,Founder & CEO

Compared to the regular coffee, this one-of-its-kind product is less acidic (67 percent lesser), high in caffeine content, less bitter and no chemicals, thereby presenting people an authentic coffee taste but with a spellbinding piquancy. To enjoy this unrivalled version of cold brew coffee right at your home, all you need to do is immerse Macobrew's ecofriendly filter bags containing freshly ground coffee for almost 14 hours in water. Well, a longer brewing time gives you a stronger coffee! The result is a natural cup of amazing coffee that you can sup-up with your choice of milk, either hot or cold. Macobrew's cold brew coffee doesn't come in just one flavour, but various notes of Lime, Mandarin, Caramel, White Chocolate, Dark Chocolate, Toasted Nuts and many others.

Uncompromising Quality!
Amidst the various cold brew coffee providers in India, Macobrew stands tall with its strong commitment to maintaining high quality standards across every phase of coffee making. Be it in sourcing beans, processing, packaging or presentation to customers, the company has its unique way of doing it. Anand Jodh, Founder & CEO, Macobrew, adds, "Our dedicated team of 25 Q Graders regularly visit a lot of coffee estates and farmers across the world to handpick the top-notch coffee beans and import them to India, which is intrinsically our USP. Also, we adhere to a policy of not bargaining with these coffee estate owners so that they relish the profits they deserve". Macobrew sources coffee beans from Chikmagalur as well as Kenya, Tanzania, Rwanda, Ethiopia, Vietnam, and other countries in Africa, in the most strategic and meticulous fashion with no compromise on quality. In fact, before importing these coffee beans, the company ensures to check if they hold the quality and taste as per its predefined standards by roasting, grounding and presenting them to coffee connoisseurs at cupping sessions.
Post importing, Macobrew sends those fresh, green coffee beans over to third-wave roasters that roast them in a highly scientific fashion and send the grounded coffee back to them, which is further packed over filter bags. These filter bags (with maximum soaking time of 40 hours) are specifically imported from Germany due to unavailability in India, and are known for their high quality and non-tearable nature. Further, the outer packaging for these bags is performed at Canada, where-in a lot of vibrant colours are in-fused over the packs in view of attracting the millennials. At the end of all these processes, Macobrew assures to check and approve the final products at its manufacturing plant in Nagpur and get them ready for sales.

Online & Offline Stores
All of Macobrew's products are available on its website and Amazon to customers including cafes, corporate offices, restaurants, pubs and lounges across 35 cities in India. Since most of these entities, especially restaurants and café, aren't familiar about serving specialty coffee, the company empowers them by offering its products that require minimal investments and no expensive machines. On the other hand, Macobrew has also launched its first franchise ­ Macobrew World Coffee Bar, this year at Hyderabad. At this unit, customers can experience the unparalleled quality of Macobrew's Cold Brew Coffee, while the company aspires to unveil five more franchises ­ India's biggest specialty coffee places, this year itself.

Compared to the regular coffee, macobrew products are less acidic, high in caffeine content, less bitter and no chemicals, thereby presenting people an authentic coffee taste but with a spellbinding piquancy

Recollecting Macobrew's innovations, Anand articulates, "We will be launching our novel `Coffee on Tap' product, which can serve nitro-gen infused cold brewed coffee with a rich, foamy and smooth texture over taps". Bagging over 4,000 happy customers so far, Macobrew is planning to bring-in a lot of new flavours and products across its cold brew coffee portfolio, besides sourcing coffee beans from 16 new countries in the next six months.

An engineering and management graduate, Anand is a pioneer who has brought the easiest way of making cold brew coffee to India.
Quick Facts:
• Inception Year: 2008
• Manufacturing Unit: Nagpur
• Franchise: Hyderabad
Varieties Of Cold Brew Coffee & Tasting Notes
• Light Roast, Baarbara Estate, Tasting Notes ­ Hint of Lemon, Sweet Finish
• Light Roast, Meghalaya Blend, Tasting Notes ­ Mandarin
• Light Roast, Sc03 Estate, Tasting Notes ­ Mandarin, Sweet Lime
• Light Roast, Sc26B Estate, Tasting Notes ­ Sweet Lime
• Medium Roast, Sc03 Estate, Tasting Notes ­ Mandarin, Caramel
• Medium Roast, Baarbara Estate, Tasting Notes ­ White Chocolate, Cloves, Caramel
• Medium Roast, Shashi Estate, Tasting Notes ­ Cinnamon
• Medium Roast, Momentum Blend, Tasting Notes ­ Cloves, Cocoa
• Medium Roast, November Rain, Tasting Notes ­ Cinnamon
• Dark Roast, Shashi Estate, Tasting Notes ­ Dark Chocolate, Smoky

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