Icarus: India's Pioneering Design Consultancy Transforming Brand Experiences

 Usha Gergan ,  Head - Brand Design

Usha Gergan

Head - Brand Design

The brand development and design industry in India has been experiencing significant growth and transformation. Driven by technology, globalization, and creative talent, it has evolved into a dynamic sector. With increasing demand for visual identity, user experience, and marketing strategies, the industry reflects India's evolving business landscape. According to a study by Expert Market Research, the Indian branding & advertising market which was valued at approximately Rs.825.51 billion in 2022 is expected to be worth Rs.1544.07 billion by 2028, growing at a CAGR OF 11 percent during the forecast period.

Such encouraging market conditions have opened up a host of opportunities for design consultancy agencies. Among many such companies that are currently operating in the industry, Icarus is at the forefront of reimagining the ways in which design can elevate brand identity. Founded in 1994, Icarus was incorporated in 1999. Since then, it has established itself as one of the nation's pioneering full-stack design consultancies. The firm possesses a multi-disciplinary team having profound experience in various domains like brand design, service design, product and digital design, particularly within the FMCG & healthcare sectors while also pioneering new spaces for design such as venture design.

As an end-to-end brand development agency, Icarus offers strategic design, innovation,
brand strategy, design research, service design,brand design, packaging design, product design, digital design and design workshops tailor made to its customers. “We offer a full suite of services beginning with using Design Thinking and Design Research to arrive at a brand strategy, followed by defining how a brand should be positioned and finally expressed through name, logo, colours and tone of voice", says Usha Gergan, Head of Brand Design at Icarus.

Icarus truly sets itself apart through its distinctive focus on design research - a combination of ethnographic & design thinking techniques

Being in a League of its Own
In the highly competitive field of brand design with numerous participants, Icarus truly sets itself apart through its distinctive focus on design research- a combination of ethnographic and design thinking techniques. This fundamental ability enables the agency to shape brands from scratch and comprehend prospective customers. This strength, along with their expansive in-house design capabilities and operational scale, uniquely positions the firm to handle intricate projects across the design spectrum.

The agency’s offerings include a comprehensive set of services catering to FMCG brands, service brands, and corporate brands. Owing to this fact, Icarus boasts an impressive list of distinguished clients ranging from Tata Consumer Products to other industry giants such as ITC Foods, Pernod Ricard, AB INBEV, Danone, Marico, Landmark Group, Raymond Consumer Care, Unibic, FUJIFILM, Siemens, Philips, GE and Medtronic. This extensive clientele showcases Icarus's adaptability to the rapidly evolving Design landscape. The enduring partnerships that Icarus has forged with its clients serve as a testament to its dynamic approach. The agency's ability to not only meet but exceed expectations has solidified its position as a reliable partner in brand design.

Future Roadmap
Currently, Icarus maintains a strategic presence in Bangalore, where it oversees its endeavours with a dedicated team comprising 52 competent professionals. When asked about the company’s future roadmap, Usha mentions, “As the brand design landscape is a rapidly changing one, we feel we are strategically placed to capitalize on new brand experiences for consumers that call for higher integration of multiple design capabilities, thanks to our width of expertise and scale of operations".