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Awdhesh Verma,Sales Director, Saarc Region

Awdhesh Verma

Sales Director, Saarc Region

Design is one of the most important factors when building a brand. It's something that brings customers and business together. Even if an organization is backed with strong technology, or have great services and product portfolio, if they lack design in their assets & offerings, then the total effort is vain. Stating about design, Alina Wheeler, a renowned American author once quoted "Design is intelligence made visible", and Herman Miller is a Zeeland-based furniture maestro that truly justifies the aforementioned quote.

The organization is globally recognized for providing best-in-class furnishings and related technologies & services. Leveraging its prowess in innovative design, the West Michigan-headquartered organization has been striving towards creating a better, more functional and healthier workplaces, living spaces, learning spaces and healing spaces, from the last 115 years.

Herman Miller's core expertise lies in manufacturing and marketing extremely innovative, stylish and cost-effective customized furnishing products including indoor and outdoor tables & chairs, seating, chairs for gamers, desks & workspaces, products for clinics and much more. But, to be specific about its forte, the company excels in the office furniture segment. The ergonomic form and high functionality of the office chairs, along with the trendy workstations, desks and collaborative furniture offered by Herman Miller provides great visual as well as seating experience to its users. The design approach is aimed at giving end users a tool to help them cultivate innovation through creative collaboration in today's modern and agile workplace.

"Herman Miller is a premium furniture manufacturer, focused on design and quality with problem-solving at its core. We design our products focusing on the health and well-being of our customers. Innovative ways to enhance the workplace performance of our customers have become our hallmark. We are recognized in the market not only for our
ergonomic products but also for best-in-class warranties ranging from 5 to 12 years, "says Awdhesh Verma, Sales Director, SAARC Region, Herman Miller India. Apart from that, the company strives hard to understand its customers and pay great emphasis on after-sales-service.

Epic Designs
Working with more than 60 designers worldwide, Herman Miller has created various iconic and modern furniture pieces to date. In collaboration with legendary designers like George Nelson and Charles & Ray Eames, the organization have produced masterpieces that are reckoned as classics of industrial design. The Eames lounge and ottoman (lounge chair), Eames molded plywood (side chair), Nelson marshmallow sofa (lounge seating), and Nelson coconut (lounge chair) are some of the classics recognized all over the world.

"In addition to our classic furniture, we are also known as an innovator in contemporary interior design with products like Aeron chair, Cosm chair, Sayl chair, Atlas sit-to-stand desks, Airia desks, among others. We have partnered with some of the biggest designers of the current era including Bill Stumpf, Don Chadwick, Studio 7.5, Jeff Weber, Yves Behar to name a few" states Awdhesh. Apart from its core expertise, and unrivalled focus towards design & sustainability, another factor that differentiates Herman Miller from the crowd is its commitment apropos community service and the health and well-being of its employees and customers.

Herman miller is a premium furniture manufacturer, focused on design and quality with problem-solving at its core

Wide Presence
Situated at the various region of the globe, Herman Miller has established its manufacturing facilities in the US, China, India and the UK. Alongside, its sales offices, dealers, licensees, and customers are spread across 100 countries. The firm operates through several focused businesses, brands, distribution channels and independently owned dealerships to design and build a better world. Herman Miller initially started with only assembling the furniture and chairs in India, but looking at the huge demand the organization now have a complete localization plan for workstations, storages and monitor arms.

"The reduced lead times and providing cost-effective yet quality products to the Indian market has been one of the major advantages of having our own manufacturing unit in India and we can only see this growing exponentially in the upcoming years. Ever since we established our manufacturing unit here our growth has been multifold," asserts Awdhesh. Reminiscing the journey, he states that establishing the manufacturing facility in Karnataka, was one of the great ideas ss it allowed the firm to introduce and provide easy access to the brand Herman Miller's portfolio to the local market.

Future Roadmap
With such dedicated offerings, the company has set up a benchmark in the specialization of furnishing products. In the coming future, Herman Miller aims to continue its good work while growing and envisaging to become the most reliable & acceptable name in the domain. The firm will also be introducing new products from its acquired firms and associated partners like CBS, DWR and naughtone. This will allow a diverse range of innovative products to be accessible to the Indian market.