Herbal Strategi: Ushering in a Holistic Way of Home Care

John Thomas,Founder
John Thomas, Founder

The modern world is keen to get back to basics. While chemical-based health and wellness products revolutionized the space, with time, people realised the ill effects of using them. As a consequence, today, we can see a surge in demand for herbal products. However, most players in the market had been focusing on the healthcare, food sector and personal care, which led to a void of herbal home care products. Answering the need for the same is Herbal Strategi, a Bangalore-based manufacturer of herbal home and pet-care products. Known for creating 100 percent natural products, the firm has gradually developed a wide range of products such as Herbal Repellents, Herbal Household Cleaners, Herbal Fogging solutions, Herbal Fresheners, Herbal Hygiene products and Herbal Pet care products among others. Relying on aromatic oils and plant extracts, Herbal Strategi strives to provide high-quality herbal products to allow consumers to get away from the chemicals used in daily life.

Built on Foundation of Necessity
John Thomas, Founder, Herbal Strategi had been suffering from frequent asthmatic bouts and severe upper respiratory problems. The cause was identified as chemical mosquito repellents and he was advised to discontinue their use. Unfortunately, discarding the use of mosquito repellents in a country like India was not a viable option. Therefore, he set out to look for a natural alternative. Unable to find one, John then approached The Council of Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR) and enlisted the services of one of their pioneer research labs, namely the Central Institute of Medicinal and Aromatic Plants (CIMAP) to develop a Herbal repellent for mosquitoes. As a consequence, an effective herbal repellent was formulated and tested.

In order to understand the market needs and consumer preference,
John then went on to conduct a market survey. “During the initial days, I conducted a market survey which concluded that although 70 percent of the population was not concerned about the use of chemical products, 30 percent respondents were looking for herbal alternatives,” narrates John. This strengthened his belief that it was possible to ensure good health, a clean home, and a healthy pet without the use of harmful chemicals. Propelled by his personal experience and market survey, John founded Herbal Strategi in 2011.

"We do not focus on advertising our products as we want our quality to speak for itself"

Quality Products for Home Care Needs
Herbal Strategi’s flagship line of products is the herbal repellent category which includes repellents in the form of room sprays, water-based body sprays, vaporizers, Agarbathi and mosquito repelling oil. Expanding its roaster of repellents, Herbal Strategi now renders effective bed bug, cockroach, ant, termite, rat, housefly and lizard repellents. A pioneer in the home care category, the firm manufactures quality cleaners for the upkeep of floor, kitchen, glass, toilet, bathroom and for washing dishes. The herbal Bathroom Cleaner helps clean bathroom fittings against calcification. The company is also known for producing herbal room fresheners (Lemon, White lily, Lavender, Rose and Sandal) and aromatic oils such as cedar wood, eucalyptus, lemongrass, citronella, tulsi and neem among others. Herbal Strategi is also one of the few manufacturers of herbal hygiene products such as Foam Handwash, Hand Sanitizers, Toilet seat sanitisers and Disinfectant sprays. The company has also launched Herbal products in the pet care (to prevent dogs from ticks, fleas and lice) and fogging segment.

With a wide range of products, Herbal Strategi also lays ample emphasis on up keeping the quality of the products. Each batch of raw materials undergoes rigorous tests and is certified at CSIR-IIIM Jammu. The ISO 9001 certified company has also been licensed by the Ministry of AYUSH. Aimed at developing well-researched products, the Herbal Strategi team works in association with the scientists at CSIR-CIMAP, Ministry of Science & Technology, Government of India on a regular
basis. Herbal Strategi is PETA certified and is also Vegan, as it does not use any animal matter as raw material.

Organic Growth
The market for herbal products has become highly cluttered today with global corporations also jumping on the bandwagon. However, Herbal Strategi relies on the superior quality and holistic nature of its products to gain a larger foothold in the industry. “We do not focus on advertising our products, as we want our quality to speak for itself,” adds John. Available at all leading organic or ayurvedic brick & mortar stores, standalone supermarkets and online portals, Herbal Strategi enjoys a dedicated clientele which has grown organically through positive word of mouth. The firm leverages the online platform to its advantage as it puts every player at a level playing field. Aggressive marketing online has helped Herbal Strategi reach out to a larger number of consumers.

As a consequence, the firm has been witnessing about 80-90 percent YoY growth. Not one to rest, John is now looking to launch new products in the room freshener and cleaning space. Having created a strong brand presence across the South India, Herbal Strategi is now working towards increasing its customer base across eastern, western and northern India. The company also wants to export its products internationally, particularly to Europe, Middle East and U.S. While John puts his expansion plans in motion, all his endeavours are single mindedly focused on providing high-quality herbal products and fostering a healthier way of living.

Key Management:
John Thomas, Founder
In the quest of creating a natural alternative for the existing chemical mosquito repellents, John, an accalimed serial entrepreneur,laid the foundation for Herbal Strategi which emphasizes on finding viable herbal alternatives in the home care segment to a multitude of chemical products.

Office: Bangalore

Factory: Malur

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