Halmira Estate Tea: Delivering A Perfect And Brisk Balance Between Flavor, Aroma & Taste Of Tea

Avneesh Newar, CEOBeing a hallmark of the Indian culture, chai (tea) plays a far more important role than that of a beverage. To some, it is what kick starts their day, while to others, it is an integral part of the rhythm of life. Given how ubiquitous a cup of chai is across the nation, it may come as a surprise to learn that it is a fairly recent national addiction. The per capita consumption of tea has been growing steadily for the past fifty years, and today, Indians consume a whopping 837,000 tonnes of tea. However, the most important part is played by the tea brands that are collecting this source of joy from the exotic tea estates of Darjeeling & Assam and distributing it worldwide.

Enriched with expertise in harvesting & bestowing high-calibre tea to the world, Halmira Estate Tea is one such tea company that is enjoying the crowning legacy of a century. With enviable mastery and signature artistry, the firm has emerged as a leader in producing tea throughout its decades of serving India. Annually, nearly 100 million cups of Halmira teas are consumed worldwide. "Halmira teas are ideal for all tea enthusiasts who seek and enjoy the best quality aroma and flavours of India. A perfect present for all occasions," professes Avneesh Newar, CEO, Halmira Estate Tea.

Exotic Tea Blends
This Kolkata-based tea brand is renowned for sourcing the best tea from the estate and representing delicate, robust, mild, fragrant and all other kinds of tea leaves known to man. Over the years, Halmira has brought the finest tea infusions from Assam in the form of single-origin tea leaves, quick brews and blends, wherein these exotic tea flavours are developed by the amalgamation of soil composition, local weather patterns, and selection of the perfect twigs.

Its wide range of tea flavours include Premium Single Estate CTC leaf & Green Leaf, Quick Brew Assam Dust, Assam Green Tea Fannings, Orthodox and Premium Long
Leaf, Quick Bew Assam Exotic Green, CTC with Orthodox Tea, CTC Green, Halmira Blueberry Tea, English & Classic Breakfast, and Choco Mint & Vanilla. Other exciting flavours that can be found range across Masala chai, Lemon with honey & ginger, white, Tulsi, Chamomile, Hand-rolled Long Leaf and Paradise.

From single origin tea leaves to quick brews or to blends, Halmira caters to all tea connoisseurs

Comprehending the importance of origin in tea manufacturing, Halmira ascertains that its leaves are skillfully sourced & carefully hand-picked from its tea gardens. These are then processed & packed to perfection, while giving prime importance to maintaining its purest form. Every exclusive batch of hand-picked & garden-fresh tea leaves under-go pristine processing at the Halmira Tea Gardens in Assam. Before being shipped out, tea packages are thoroughly examined & checked by experts under the supervision of master tea connoisseurs. Each exotic blend is a testament to the freshness and quality of tea leaves used. "Utmost importance is given to the hygiene factors and care is taken at every step to assure the best quality infusion fills the cup of the true tea connoisseur. We're redefining the way the world thinks about & enjoys tea with our versatility," adds Avneesh.

”At Halmira, from plucker to the manager, all are partners and play important roles in furnishing special essence of tea to consumers”

Halmira's state-of-the-art manufacturing unit comprises of processing exerts, skilled workers & world-class machinery. There is no stone left unturned in order to build a perfect and brisk balance between flavour, aroma and taste. Being certified to USFDA and World's Gold Standards (approved by the Tea Board of India), the firm takes the highest measures on quality, hygiene and manufacturing to render the best experience to tea sommeliers. All teas are further scrutinized in the laboratory and get approved by FSSAI.

From plucker to the manager, all are partners at Halmira and play important roles in furnishing a special essence of tea to consumers. Since its inception, the company has been empowering the youth and their families through educational tools and resources (houses, schools, medical supplies & more), there-by promoting the well-being of employees as well as the community. Readily available on local stores and all e-Commerce platforms, Halmira as a brand is planning to capitalize on the premium segment of tea. "Our revenue will go up consistently, as we are reputed for producing teas of the highest quality," concludes Avneesh.

Avneesh Newar, CEO
Being a post-graduate from Brandeis University, Avneesh brings his strong experience & expertise in the financial & marketing domain to Halmira. He has also co-founded India's first e-commerce website that sells premium tea from the estates directly to consumers.

Office: Kolkata

Products: Premium, Signature, Blended, Flavour and Single Estate Tea