EON Electric: Enriching the Quality of Lives through Safe, Energy-Saving & Convenient Electric Products

V.P. Mahendru,Chairman & Managing Director

V.P. Mahendru

Chairman & Managing Director

The LED bulbs have increasingly become an inevitable part of the electrical product market, owing to government initiatives for energy conservation and increasing consumer awareness of its outstanding advantages. According to 6Wresearch, India’s LED lighting market is expected to grow at a CAGR of 26.6 percent and more during 2017-23. This evolution represents a tectonic shift in technology from electrical to electronics and significant growth scope for prototype designers, electronics manufacturing services (EMS)providers and original equipment manufacturers(OEMs).

In an era where lighting industry is evolving every day, Noida-based EON Electric continues to shine in the spotlight by constantly expanding & adapting to market trends and client requirements. With a legacy of over 60 years, the company keeps providing the best quality of electric solutions – right from Wires & Cables, Water Heaters, and Fans to innovative LED lighting solutions(Efficient long life solar streetlights, Flood lights, high mast lights and decorative lights) at affordable prices through technological innovation, modernization, adoption of best practices and global bench marking. Besides being completely weather proof, its latest LED products boast of automated controls for dimming/brightening at specific hours of the day, as required, thanks to embedded system of controls. “We aim to enrich the quality of lives by ensuring safe, efficient and convenient use of electricity. This has been our guiding principle for development of new and better electrical products,” professes V.P. Mahendru, Chairman & Managing Director, EON Electric.

The Inception Story
EON’s story is quite interesting. Post passing matriculation at Lahore and higher secondary at Delhi soon after partition, Mahendru joined his father’s saw mill as a junior supervisor where he continuously noticed steel blades getting stuck into logs while cutting and often resulting in damage of motor starters/switchgear. Everytime electric mechanics came to rectify the problems, causing time & money waste. Mahendru observed their work very carefully and eventually found that the mechanics just replaceed the burnt/old component of
starters/switches with new ones to put them into satisfactory operation again. As a result, after couple of such incidents, he himself started repairing these starters /switches which saved his repair cost and great time for his saw mill

In order to start his own manufacture of starters/rewirable switches as an extension of the Standard Saw Mill of his father, Mahendru visited switches /starters factories in Ahmedabad and studied in detail the quality of components manufactured and mastered the process of assembly of starters and switches. After his return to Jalandhar, he setup an assembly line for switches and starters as an extension of Standard Saw Mill and established an excellent switches /starters assembly line initially for repairing and then manufacturing Rewirable Switches and Starters.

"We aim to enrich the quality of lives by ensuring safe, efficient and convenient use of electricity"

Mahendru hired a few young engineers and mechanics and established a testing laboratory which he consistently upgraded and got it approved from Bureau of Indian Standards(BIS)at Delhi. Thereafter his Switches and Starters were all manufactured to Indian Standard Specifications and tested and approved with BIS Quality mark. The popularity and market for his Standard Brand switches and starters manufactured by him in the extended building of Standard Saw Mill was now named as ‘Standard Switchgear’.

With his consistent work on standards and quality of his products,Mahendru was the first to market in India the BIS quality marked switches. All these developments gave him big/distinct marketing opportunity to his Standard switches and starters on All India basis. He added more Switchgear products and looking into the potential of this market not only within India but also to various Middle East countries where he started exporting. Mahendru renamed his company as Indo Asian Switchgear and got it registered as Indo Asian Switchgear Pvt. Ltd. with its headquarters at Delhi. After visiting many other plants in Europe and US, he added other modern, high tech electrical/electronic products to widen the range of such products for EON's portfolio.

A Tech-Savy Firm
Standing true to its tagline: ‘Consistent focused attention for the satisfaction and joy of end users’,EON hire industries’ best brains and adopt the bestof technologies.Unsurprisingly, the 1958 established venture has established India’s first energy efficient CFL lamps manufacturing facility and upholds the distinction of retrofitting over 110,000 conventional street lights to highly
energy efficient LED street lights in Rajasthan within one year.“Lot of automation is now being incorporated in EON’s Street Lights while, earlier engineers had to depend upon human energy & brains, the cost of which has been consistently rising,” avers Mahendru.

Armed with 250+ major distributors countrywide, the venture furnishes products to over 5,000 dealers and retailers in smaller towns/rural areas. The entire distribution network is well-served for regular supply through EON’s own marketing and sales offices spanned across major Indian cities which frequently guided to promote products to a large number of dealers /retailers. Going the extra mile, marketing teams and senior technical executives regularly interact with consultants, architects & electro-technical squad of major construction companies to update distributors /retailers /dealers on quality, performance and methodology of using LED lights in the best & most efficient ways. EON continues to enhance its manufacturing facilities with new joint venture partnerships that are developed to acquire more advanced technology. The partnership includes the ones with EON's globally popular brands such as Indo Kopp,Wickmann-Werke,and Doepke to name few. These distinct features have aided EON to bag various prestigious awards like Outstanding SME of the Year Award 2007, Electronics Maker Best of Industry Award 2017 and others.

Upcoming Innovations
Being innovative by nature, EON envisions introducing new varieties of smart home automation solutions that will include occupancy/day light switching automation sensors. These systems will ensure additional energy conservation of up to 30 percent in most industrial establishments, commercial organizations and in domestic buildings. “We believe in innovation and it is our continuous effort to develop, manufacture and popularize new energy conservative products,” concludes Mahendru.

Key Management
V.P.Mahendru, Chairman& Managing Director
A serial entrepreneur, Mahendru with his innovative thinking and problem solving skill has launched several products in the field of electrical switchgear & energy efficiency for the first time in India.

Lighting, Fans, Water Heaters and Wires& Cable

•Outstanding SME of the Year Award 2007 by the Prime Minister of India
•Electronics Maker Best of Industry Award 2017