Emma - The Sleep Company: Raising The Quality Bar With Innovative & Pioneering Technology In The Mattress Industry

Harun Kukukhel,Country Manager

Harun Kukukhel

Country Manager

Leading quite intricating lifestyles, the 21st- century human doesn't spare much time for self-revitalization and more or less relies on a good night's sleep to recuperate the very next day. Understanding the necessity to tackle the increasing ambiguous sleeping patterns and postures across the world, Emma ­ The Sleep Company was established to push the boundaries of what sleep can offer to people. Assuring proper sleep to its customers, so that they do not need to worry about their postures and its impact on sleeping, `Emma - The Sleep Company' has successfully created a possibility of awakening their customers to their full potential on the very next day. With two offices, one in Frankfurt am Main, Germany, and another in Manila, Philippines, Emma ­ The Sleep Company is currently gearing up as a leading online mattress company to explore the enormous potential residing in the Indian subcontinent with a plan to achieve market leadership.

The Emma products are designed using the best of German precision and engineering, delivering outstanding quality, but produced locally in India, contributing to the growing economy. "Our products adapt to all kinds of bodies, which reflects our willingness to improve everyone's life through innovation. This involves making top-quality products with German technology, breathable material, which ensures temperature stability, and a structure that is ideal for all body types. In India, our range of products is composed by the Emma Original mattress, designed for all kinds of bodies and sleepers, the Emma Ortho, which specifically helps relieve
backpain, and a memory foam pillow. German quality has never been more accessible, and Emma offers a high-end product for an affordable and fair price. What is more, we have free delivery and a 100-night free-return policy, as well as a 10-year warranty," says Harun Kukukhel, Country Manager India, Emma ­ The Sleep Company.

Being a vigilant company, Emma has high-end testing laboratories within the office in Frankfurt, which run daily tests, gathering and analysing high amounts of data. A highly qualified neuroscientist leads Emma's Research and Development team, who daily works on the biological benefits of good sleep, one of the aspects that make Emma the top-notch mattress brand in the world. To describe the technical specifications of the products, Harun states that "The temperature-regulating covers in our mattresses enhance air circulation through the mattress and keeps the humidity out. Thanks to the elasticity and thread count, the cover perfectly hugs the 8 inches of foam to help the mattress keep its shape. The 1.5-inch layer of breathable Airgocell® Foam absorbs moisture and keeps air flowing through the mattress to stay cool and dry while you sleep. The 1.5 inches Zero Gravity Foam layer contours to the shape of your body and distributes your bodyweight evenly across the mattress to help you enjoy pressure-relieving support while you enjoy your dreams. The 5-inchDuraFoam layer is highly durable, providing a solid base for the foams, keeping your spine aligned and providing support for your back and hips."

A highly qualified neuroscientist leads emma's research and development team, who daily works on the biological benefits of good sleep, one of the aspects that make emma the top-notch mattress brand in the world

Emma profits from its extensive knowledge in the development of mattresses and has won numerous awards as well as recognition by independent consumer associations from 12 countries across the globe, such as Que Choisir (France), Stiftung Warentest (Germany), Testfakta (Sweden and Denmark), and Which (UK). With a highly-qualified team of+500 employees from 45 different nationalities, Emma ­ The Sleep Company hosts a great range of products in 25 countries. "We are proud to be one of the pioneers with mattresses in the e-Commerce sector. Being online allows us to adapt faster and our award-winning product is raising the quality bar in the market. On a corporate level, we strive to keep our start-up culture, full of openness and innovation while expanding around the globe," concludes Harun.

Location: Frankfurt
Offerings: Emma Original, Emma Ortho and a Memory Foam Pillow