Dreamgenic mattress: A Brand Renowned for Promising Quality & Comfort

Shiva Prakash, Founder & CEO

Shiva Prakash

Founder & CEO

The rise of the Indian mattress market has been propelled by an increase in income levels and health consciousness, as well as growth in the real estate and hospitality industries. A notice able shift in consumer perception has been noted, with the major focus being on the product's comfort and functionality. Mattress manufacturing enterprises, which comprise of both offline and online merchants, have developed new techniques to assure consumer happiness in accordance with changing times. In the mattress market, various new trends are likely to emerge. The demand for customized and luxury mattresses is predicted to grow and organizations may develop new methods to better utilize their resources and technologies. Mattresses are no more just consumer goods they are a barometer of one’s quality of life.Increased income levels and infra structure advancements in terms of the increased number of residential units and hotels in the country are driving the mattress industry expansion. With increased awareness of mattress types and brands, demand for residential and institutional construction is increasing in India.

Mattresses are in high demand across the country due to the increase in residential units. Furthermore, every new hotel necessitates hundreds of beds and mattresses, and this industry appears to be growing as a result of growth in the construction, real estate, tourism, and hospitality sectors.

With a notion to offer good quality mattresses to the customers at a level of price apart from what is available in the market, Dreamgenic mattress established its own brand in 2018. Elucidating the inception story of the company the Founder & CEO of Dreamgenic Mattress Shiva Prakash says "We entered the Mattresses. sector in 2018 after completing extensive research and with an aim to promote awareness among customers about the quality mattresses. We manufacture all types of mattresses in the market, as well as develop different models for customers based on their specific needs".

Dreamgenic mattress try to maintain transparency with customers by showing them the materials used while preparing the mattress

Quality Check Procedures of Dreamgenic mattress
Dreamgenic mattress has built a quality checking department in Bangalore's northern suburbs, where the quality assurance team and freelancers are engaged to inspect the mattress and materials utilized. The freelancers examine the mattress in realtime and submit feedback after using it for a certain amount of time. Further Dreamgenic mattress continues to improve the quality of mattresses every day, based on input from freelancers and the quality testing staff.

Dreamgenic mattress try to maintain transparency with customers by showing them the materials used while preparing the mattress through a live video call or sending pictures to preferred customers. This is to make the customer confident and ensure them that they're purchasing the right mattress.

Furthermore, Dreamgenic mattress has a marketing team with very talented individuals from the field and have tied up with multiple dealers like hotels and resorts across Bangalore. "The company's short term goals are to improve our product line using available market materials and designs that are most trending and bench marking to the market. We wish to set ourselves apart from the competition by offering fresh innovations and designs to our customers that would make them feel more at ease. And our long term goal is to expand our wings to different regions of India, as well as to develop manufacturing plants in several locations, mostly in other parts of India, and to offer our products at a competitive price compared to what is now available on the market. The price will be the most important consideration. The customers frequently come to us and say that the market is much larger than what we've seen so far. However, there are significant charecteristics that distinguish us from other companies, and we want to outperform the competition in this area," concludes Shiva.