Cloud9 Beverages: Driven with Vision to Serve Only the Best & Highest-Quality Drink

 Priyesh Ganatra,   Co-Founder

Priyesh Ganatra


The Indian beverage market is vibrant with a variety of options to choose from. From basic carbonated drinks to various flavored waters, energy drinks, and some unique flavors, there are immense beverage options. The Indian consumers’ diverse taste preferences offer various brands to try different flavor palettes, resulting in some all-time hits and generally beloved drinks. Nevertheless, consumers often find themselves stuck with beverages that do not meet their expectations in terms of taste, quality, or price.

Slashing these challenges with a wonderful range of diverse beverages that fulfill the Indian consumer’s taste preferences ensured with high-quality and cost-feasibility is Cloud9 Beverages - a staple home grown beverage brand with a track record of delivering exactly what consumers demand.

Assortment of Beverages
Cloud9 is renowned for its exquisite flavor options across a diverse range of refreshing energy drinks, carbonated beverages, fresh fruit-based drinks, and high-quality packaged drinking water. The popularity of the products, plus their premier market positioning is evidenced by the availability of these beverages across 30,000 stores and over 5000 wine shops in the country, including their availability in India’s top hotels, restaurants, and pubs. The Cloud9 Premium Club Soda and Cloud9 Fruttu are among the company's top products aside from its energy drinks.

“As India's most sought-after energy drink brand, Cloud9 needs no introduction. Over the years, we have distinguished ourselves from the competition with innovative use of cutting-edge technology. In the few years since its inception, we emerged as the
second largest player in the Indian energy drinks market. It is always our aim to provide a pleasurable experience with every sip, offering a surge of energy and a commitment to delivering top-notch products. Our world-class manufacturing standards, dedication to excellence and innovation, and superb branding have earned several accolades and customer loyalty in the very competitive domestic market", shares Priyesh Ganatra, Managing Director.

The taste factor & understanding consumer needs clubbed with top market research has made us the most sought energy drink brand

Boasting a capacity of 80,000 bottles per minute of beverage production, Cloud9 meets consumer demand by maintaining a robust network of over 100+ distributors. Moreover, the company’s cutting-edge production facilities and equipment ensure the quality and uniformity of products, which has helped the company stay ahead of the competition. Furthermore, this brand’s emphasis on hygiene and safety in the production process offers consumers peace of mind and delight when enjoying these beverages.

New Inventions
“The taste factor and understanding consumer needs clubbed with top market research has made us the most sought energy drink brand. To elaborate, who knew that Pomegranate flavor can be clubbed in energy drinks? Ours was the first one to hit the market and this became the top favorite for the consumers. Following that came Caffeine-free cola which was also a good hit in the Indian markets brought by Cloud9. Keeping up with this trajectory, innovating new flavors is an integral part of our culture and thus, all our futuristic endeavors”, shares Priyesh.

With a track record of exposing the markets to new and unimagined flavors, Cloud9’s upcoming plans continue to focus on bringing new flavors that are liked by consumers. As such, the company is also currently testing some Indian flavors like lemon, jeera masala, and kala khatta, to name a few. For its future growth, the company aspires to become the top energy drink brand in the country by offering delicious energy drinks at affordable rates to reach a wider consumer base. With its research driven strategies, this drink brand is undoubtedly gearing to soar to new heights of success.