Chai Chun: Country's First Segmented Tea Boutique That Strives To Meet Distinct Taste Of Consumers

Rajeev Baid,Founder & CMD

Rajeev Baid

Founder & CMD

In India, a huge chunk of people kick-start their day with a sip of tea and can't imagine their morning without it. Apart from being regarded as a source of living & refreshing drink and household tradition, this hot drink is considered as an excuse for discussions and a part of gossip culture & political campaigns. The beverage that originated from China and become a vital part of India's life is now inseparable from the socio-cultural and socio-economy of our country. Many new-age entrepreneurs acknowledge this and have taken a lead in giving the traditional tea a bold and contemporary makeover; Rajeev Baid (Founder & CMD, Chai Chun) is one among them.

Started his professional journey from working at railway station and tea factory, Rajeev today owns Chai Chun ­- India's first segmented tea boutique along with five tea factories (producing 13 million Kg tea/year) and established himself as an iconic visionary in the tea industry. Under his guidance, the company has evolved as an integral part of the Indian tea industry and began to achieve newer prospects like supplying tea to top companies, renowned cafes, and white labels, to startups, websites and cafes. In the period of just 15 years, Rajeev has revolutionized the whole tea trade by strengthening the connection between the people who grow tea and people who drink the final blend, while bridging the journey of quality tea leaves from farm to refreshing cup of tea.

Furnishing Freshness
Presenting a unique range of products with over 167 varieties of tea, Chai Chun offers all popular brands of tea and tea variants under one roof pricing from Rs.300/kg to Rs.45,000/kg, enabling customers to select tea according to their taste & budget. Right from green, floral, health, herbal, masala, classic, Oolong, white and black tea to CTC, premium, assorted, flavored, orthodox, single estate and tisane tea, this Siliguri-based firm ensures distinct quality with every sip stirring
unique tongue rousing experiences. Today, Chai Chun stands as one-stop-shop for tea lovers that endeavor to serve the right beverages to right age people with an elite quality. "Today, major brands have limited varieties of tea but we offer almost all types of tea under one umbrella, where all our teas are available in at least 10 sub variants. Our most popular teas are Darjeeling, Green and CTC," professes Rajeev.

Since tea as a whole holds high shelf life, in-house connoisseurs never stop experimenting and developing flavors that amaze taste buds. Unlike other players, sourcing products from producers and blending them with different gardens in a span of six months, Chai Chun outshines the spectrum with procuring tea directly from the garden, storing them in its temperature controlled warehouse, packing & labelling them (vacuum seal) according to consumer requirements and delivering them within five days. Further enhancing consumer experience, Chai Chun maintains internal SOP indicating the maximum tea sold and which tea need to be purchased at what time interval. Thanks to its vacuum seal packing and big logistic partnership that help the company to furnish a fresh cup of tea to its consumers at shorter time frame.

Innovative by nature, Chai Chun is looking forward to introduce various medicated teas, keeping in mind foreseeing the increasing health awareness among populace

Quality Tea Boutique
On the other hand, this quality-driven firm not just deploys plant to segregate the foreign particles from tea, but also keeps testing tea samples on regular interval. At Chai Chun, all tea types are thoroughly tested by experts for quality and market competency before finding its way to a tea cup. Certified by Trustea and Tea board, the brand follows all FSSAI regulations and utilizes right ingredients, hygiene & safety measures and lab approvals for safe and quality-oriented tea production. "We take complete guarantee of our products till they reach to consumer and since inception, we haven't received a single complaint about our product," adds Rajeev. These distinct features enable Chai Chun to win awards like CII Innovation Award, Franchise Best Performance Award and others.

Innovative by nature, Chai Chun is looking forward to introduce various medicated teas, keeping in mind the increasing health awareness among populace. Having 15+ stores PAN India with franchise model, the company is aiming to open 100+ stores across India, mainly at air-ports and malls where customer footfall is maximum. "We have recently opened our store at city airport and soon going to launch in Raipur airport, Indore airport, and Gurgaon," concludes Rajeev.

Rajeev Baid, Founder & CMD
A tea connoisseur himself, Rajeev is constantly looking for ways to bring about innovation in tea, striving to serve the Indian palate the best in each sip.

Office: Siliguri (Darjeeling)

Offerings: Loose, Black, White, Oolong, Green, Classic, Masala, Flavor, Premium, Orthodox, Floral & Herbal Tea, Tisane, Tea Bag, Tin Caddy, Assorted, Jute Bags, & Pyramid Tea Bags