Ceyon Naturaa: Nurturing Babies & Sensitive Skin with Organic Formulations

  Dr. Inbalatha Elango,    FounderThe baby-care landscape in India is evolving, driven by a growing awareness of the importance of unscented and organic products for infants. Traditionally, cosmetics have been all about enticing aromas and vibrant colors, but a shift is happening, especially in baby care and sensitive skin products.

One key driver of this transformation is the increasing awareness among parents regarding the unique needs of their babies' delicate skin. Ceyon Naturaa recognized this need and made it their mission to cater to it. The young company offers an exclusive range of unscented products specially designed for kids and babies, as well as other products infused with the aroma that comes from essential oils.

Ceyon Naturaa shines brightly as a brand dedicated to safe, and organic, skincare solutions. Their commitment to quality, transparency, and the well-being of their customers sets them apart, making them a trusted choice for individuals of all ages, especially babies and those with sensitive skin. As they continue to innovate and expand their product range, Ceyon Naturaa remains a testament of purity in the skincare industry.

The Foundation
Ceyon Naturaa's inception is deeply rooted in a personal journey of health and a profound commitment to natural, organic skincare. The company's story began during a significant life event - the pregnancy of one of its cofounders, Inbalatha Elango, a doctor and cosmetologist.

During her pregnancy in 2019, Dr. Inbalatha faced the challenges of allergies and eczema, conditions that had plagued her since childhood. However, her pregnancy brought an unwelcome surprise - a flare-up of her skin issues. Hence, she was reluctant to use any chemical-laden moisturizers during this crucial phase of her life. It was this very reluctance that sowed the seeds of Ceyon Naturaa.

Amidst the backdrop of the COVID-19 pandemic and the increased need for frequent handwashing, the need for a gentle, organic, and natural cleanser became evident. Ceyon Naturaa's inaugural product was Bastille soap, an unscented soap with over 70 percent olive oil content, specifically designed to cater to the needs of sensitive skin, including individuals with eczema and babies.

Commitment to Quality & Safety
Ceyon Naturaa's commitment to evidence-based skincare is at the heart of their product development process. The pursuit of excellence is evident in their Cosmos certification, a stringent assessment of organic ingredients, sustainable packaging, non-GMO status, transparent listing policies, and adherence to rigorous manufacturing processes.

Ecocert, one of the five founding certification bodies of the COSMOS standard, ensures that Ceyon Naturaa's products not only meet these criteria but also adhere to a strict no-animal-testing policy. This commitment to ethical practices extends to their FDA accreditation, which subjects all product
batches to testing in NABL accredited labs, guaranteeing the utmost safety for consumers.

Core Values & Unique Selling Points
Ceyon Naturaa's product development is guided by two core principles that distinguish them in the market. Firstly, their unwavering commitment to certified organic ingredients sets them apart. They believe in delivering on the promise of genuinely organic components in their products. Their unique selling point (USP) lies in the coveted Cosmos certification, a rarity in India. Notably, Cosmos certification is the one of the significant organic certifications for cosmetics in India, making Ceyon Naturaa's achievement all the more remarkable. The company also makes it a point to source most of its ingredients such as herbs, goat milk, rose water etc from India to showcase the brand’s Indian roots.

As the awareness of baby care needs grows, Ceyon Naturaa stands at the forefront, offering unscented & organic solutions

Engaging with Clients Digitally
Ceyon Naturaa's digital-first approach involves a comprehensive cycle to address client skincare needs effectively. Their website and active social media profiles serve as the top of the funnel, attracting customers seeking skincare solutions or inquiries. Their unique perspective, rooted in medical expertise, sets them apart in client interactions.

The firm believes that understanding clients' specific requirements is paramount. They delve into their clients' skincare needs, gaining insights into individual challenges and objectives. Transparency is a core principle for them, ensuring that clients are fully informed about the recommended products and how these align with their skincare needs.

Complementary Leadership team
Ceyon Naturaa's core leadership team is a powerful husband and wife duo, bringing a wealth of expertise to the company. Rajakarthik, with his engineering background and experience in the IT sector, including a tenure at Oracle, provides a strong technical foundation. He has also earned diplomas and advanced diplomas in organic skincare formulations, bolstering the team's knowledge base. On the other hand, Dr. Inbalatha, a medical professional with an MBBS degree and specialization in cosmetology, offers a unique combination of medical insights and cosmetological expertise. Adding to the knowledge is their family's background in the aroma industry, which enhances their understanding of natural ingredients.

Testimonials of Trust
Inbalatha 's personal testimonial speaks volumes about the efficacy of Ceyon Naturaa's products. She shares, "Personally, I was the first to benefit from our products. I grappled with a severe eczema patch on the dorsal aspect of my hand and struggled with allergies triggered by chemical-based products. This challenge became the driving force behind the development of our Bastille soap. To my amazement, using this soap alone led to a significant improvement in my eczema, eliminating the need for additional moisturizers”. Notably, all their soaps are goat milk-based, incorporating extra virgin olive oil and farm-fresh goat milk for optimal nourishment.

Rajakarthik also shares numerous testimonials from satisfied customers, particularly those with sensitive skin. These testimonials praise the effectiveness of Ceyon Naturaa's products without causing irritation. Their brand has even received recognition from many pediatricians, and dermatologists, commending the quality of their products and expressing trust in their brand, particularly for babies.

A Glimpse into the Future
Ceyon Naturaa's future roadmap is brimming with promise. Previously, they offered 10 products, but they have now expanded their portfolio to include a total of 20 certified organic products. They are actively engaged in research and development for skincare and haircare solutions, including serums, face care products, and baby care essentials such as diaper rash cream. Importantly, all these new products will adhere to their stringent organic certification standards, reinforcing their commitment to quality and natural ingredients.