Cetaphil: Spreading Its Footprints Across India With Sensitive Skin Innovation At Its Best

Nimit Sanghavi,MD & Director Finance

Nimit Sanghavi

MD & Director Finance

The global skin care products market is expected to surpass US$ 189.89Bn by the end of2028. One of the major factors projected to drive market expansion is the increased concern about personal grooming among individuals
of all ages, which is driving demand for skincare products. Escalating demand for face creams, sunscreens, and body lotions around the world is likely to boost market growth over the forecast period. Moreover, the thriving e-Commerce sector is expected to drive market expansion even further.

Cetaphil is one of the renowned sensitive skin expert brands with a 75-year legacy trusted by millions of users worldwide. Cetaphil is also the #1 Dermatologist-recommended brand in India, according to IQVIA
Data. “We wanted to provide consumers with mild, gentle, and safe cleansers and moisturizers designed specifically for sensitive skin, and that is what the Cetaphil brand promises", Nimit Sanghavi, Ad-Interim MD & Director Finance.

Cetaphil’s essence lies in its name: the ‘-Phil at the end signifies ‘love,’ while the ‘Cet’ comes from the hydrating agent Cetearyl alcohol. Cetaphil is thus synonymous with skin hydrating and soothing. Cetaphil now has a product line that includes moisturizers for the face and body, cleansers, baby care, sun care, and products for common skin problems. Cetaphil is dedicated to providing customers with efficient yet gentle skincare formulations that build and protect even the most sensitive skin. Cetaphil recognizes that great skincare results in radiant, beautiful, healthy skin—and that healthy skin is essential to living a healthy life.

A Notch above all
Cetaphil offers a wide range of products for dry, normal, combo, and oily skin types, including cleansers, moisturizers, skincare, and sunscreens.It incorporates a diverse
range of key active ingredients, including niacinamide, ceramides, and hyaluronic acid, each with distinct and beneficial capabilities to address a variety of skin issues. Cetaphil skincare products are designed to be mild on sensitive skin while yet being excellent at cleansing and moisturizing. “Extensive research goes into selecting our active ingredients for the optimal balance to meet your skincare needs", adds Nimit Sanghavi.

Significantly, the key aspect that distinguishes Cetaphil and provides it an advantage over its competitors in the market is that it is a science-driven firm that always puts the customer first, creating best-in-class consumer skincare solutions with gentle, mild, and safe skincare products. Cetaphil is marketed in India by its medical reps to HCPs and in trade by the general and modern trade teams. The brand is also pushing itself through e-Commerce and digital media. Expansion in consumer channels, both GT&MT and e-Commerce, are major pillars driving growth, with both Growing more than 100 percent in year 2020-2021. From the standpoint of company strategy, there are numerous activities that are categorized into channels. Starting with trade visibility, promotion, HCP engagement, influencer marketing, and digital media activation are the facets helping the success of the brand.

Journey of Excellence
Cetaphil is a line of skincare products from the Swiss Company Galderma that was developed in the US in 1947 by a pharmacist. Cetaphil embodies Galderma’s primary objective of revolutionizing dermatology for every skin narrative. In the Aesthetics section, Galderma offers other portfolio products such as Fillers and Toxics. Over the year, Cetaphil has evolved significantly, creating a prominent name for itself in the market. Currently, the Galderma Company employs 5000+ workforce and is present in 70 countries. The brand is growing more than 50 percent in the last three years across all channels and customers are loving the brand, which is clearly reflected in sales. All the ranges which have been launched are showing good traction. And as it forges ahead to reach new heights, it is aiming to make Cetaphil a Rs.1000 cr brand by 2027. All in all, Cetaphil is driven by the mission to improve sensitive skin innovation.

Nimit Sanghavi, Ad-Interim MD & Director Finance, Galderma India
Nimit Sanghavi is a Chartered Accountant & Company Secretary having 25+ years post qualification experience with proven track record in partnering with business to deliver strong financial result making sure all internal controls are in place. Having exposure in global MNCs, leading Indian companies & fortune 500 companies across various areas including strategic planning, supply chain management, Import & Export, legal, procurement & ERP implementation. Nimit isa person who besides functional domain knowledge, supports leadership team co-create a 'long-term sustainable profitable business'.

• Best Digital Lunch of the year – Cetaphil BHR, The Mark Asia Summit, 2021
• Best Brand with Digital Presence – Golden Star Awards, 2021
• Most Trusted Brand – Marksmen India, 2022
• Most Loved Brand – Grazia Magazine, 2021
• Best Premium Skincare Brand – National Awards, 2021
• Award for Marketing & Ecommerce Excellence – CMO Asia, 2021