• Brands Of The Year - 2022
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    Brands Of The Year - 2022

    A brand image is integral to each company's expansive growth today. Branding is not merely about a product's display, instead it's a vast marketing practice that entails a long process of brand creation right from name, design, symbol, values, to mission definition, and more, with significant involvement of both the companies that own brands and the agencies that help create & build brands. A brand has a lot to do with quality and efficiency of the product of service but there are many industries who have the back of a brand to show its uniqueness. While establishing a brand has never been easy, Marketing, Brand management, Advertising, Branding agency, Marketing strategy, Advertising agency, Internet Marketing, Graphic design, Personal branding, Content marketing, Marketing...


Fintech are driving the financial inclusion for MSMEs

Vaibhav S. Joshi, Founder & CEO, Easy Pay

New & Existing Tech Set to Take Centre-Stage in 2022

K Rajiv Bhalla, VP & MD, Barco India

Missing Insurance in India

Pradeep Kandoi, AVP - Finance, Greenpanel Industries