Blue Buddha: Seriously Denim!

Sahil Gohel,  Partner

Sahil Gohel


Fashion is a fast-paced industry dominated by dynamic trends and influencer marketing. However, fashion, today, goes way too fast, in an endless cycle of self-destruction that denies progress and consistency. Nothing lasts of course but there's a reassuring quality to timelessness. The pointless urge to express wealth and status has majored to a point that fashion has stopped communicating with the realm in the process of selfish image-making, and struggling to rise out of its co-coon, soaring into reality from fiction. Blue Buddha calls for a change with a whisper louder than a shout. Prioritizing customer happiness as the end-point of success, Blue Buddha is a legit Denim maker with Indigo coursing through its veins. The parent company, Zedex Clothing, is an end-to-end tech driven garment manufacturing company with an experience of over 25 years in this industry, equipped with the latest technologies.

Zedex believes garment making is an art and thus obsesses over every stitch, every rip, every patch and every detail. "Shaped by the world around us, defined by the choices we make. Some for the good, some for the bad, but that's life in the end. It's our movie and we are the directors. The future is built on the best things from the past. We believe in the future. It belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams. Dream when you're awake. These are the important ones. And if one dream fades, choose another. They're hanging in the air for any of us to take. Don't measure your life's success, make happiness your number one goal", says Sahil Gohel, Partner, Blue Buddha.

Soulful & Timeless Fashion
Blue Buddha strives for designs that are
soulful and tie less. Truth, honesty, purposefulness that's the new luxe. The brand advocates for knowledge, energy, and thought fulness under '#BESOMETHINK'. The movement stems from the basic acknowledgment that fashion design should be a matter of form following function.

Blue Buddha strives for designs that are soulful and timeless

The Spirit of Blue Buddha embodies a passionate search for excellence in the performance of materials the simplicity of forms and the functionality of details: a precious know how in continuous growth. Just like the Blue Buddha Denims, all apparel is fabricated by expert hands through long and meticulous working stages, in accordance with highly demanding qualitative standards. A perfect combination of comfort, practicality, and contemporary design, they are true foundation items in every wardrobe. The look has been developed in totality for a lifestyle in continuous motion, in metropolitan and natural settings for business environments, and for leisure time away from town.

'The Blue Grid' Store Format
Blue Buddha believes in clarity of thoughts and every-thing that revolves. "We crave minimalism and depth in detail. This gave birth to the concept of ­ The Blue Grid, where the flow of materials represents how truly the Denim should be represented, not rough or rugged alone, but with a timeless, presentable, and clean personality", says Sahil Gohel. The color palette represents where the brand was born, the U.K., as the brand promotes `London is in our Jeans'. Blue Buddha has an integrated CRM system, which has multiple automized campaigns for customer recall. It has successfully worked to unify the customer experience across multiple channels, also by planning an inclusive growth of all channel partners.

Blue Buddha believes that clothing, first and foremost, should satisfy the utter human necessity of representing oneself within society while being something useful and functional, day by day.The reality of everyday life is far more challenging than any fiction it requires the supreme effort of being yourself. Clothing should follow suit, making the person come through, not the designs he or she is wearing.