Bajaj Nutraceuticals: A Trustable Nutraceuticals Manufacturing Brand

Anubhav Kansal,Business Head

Anubhav Kansal

Business Head

The billion-dollar nutraceuticals sector is booming, thanks to the growing awareness about health & fitness amongst the general public of India; realizing the harmful effects of chemical-based products, consumers nowadays have started leveraging the benefits of nutraceuticals products. With such awareness, the global nutraceuticals market is witnessing tremendous growth and the scenario is no different in India. Our country has a rich heritage of herbal medicines and supplements, which have found resonance in our mythology and folklore.

Not just that but according to an ASSOCHAM report, the nutraceuticals market in India is expected to grow from $4 billion to $18 billion in 2017 to 2025 in the backdrop of rising demand for dietary supplements from upper and middle class. Similarly, several reports are popping up stating that the industry has great potential in India. Contributing to this growing industry with an aim of serving mankind by offering the best quality nutritional supplements as an alternative to substitute chemically crafted products is Bajaj Nutraceuticals, a Roorkee-based nutraceuticals brand.

A well-recognized nutraceuticals manufacturer, Bajaj Nutraceuticals was established in 2009. Today, the firm is leading the edge in the field of nutraceuticals while offering the top-level products in the industry. Under the aegis of its Business Head, Anubhav Kansal, Bajaj Nutraceuticals has etched a name for itself as one of the reliable nutraceuticals company to offer comprehensive best-in-class products & services while meeting the requirements of its clients.

Mind Behind The Success
A virtuoso in the field of nutraceuticals, Anubhav possesses in-depth knowledge of the industry, which helps him to excel in good manufacturing processes and handle customer relations with ease. Not to mention, it was his effort & dedication which helped Bajaj Nutraceuticals to surge ahead and get established in the nutraceuticals domain of India. Since the very beginning, he along with his enthusiastic team has worked hard to reinforce and spawn the organization from zilch to pinnacles; today Bajaj Nutraceuticals is not just manufacturing products for the domestic market but is exporting its forte to other countries as well.
Top-Notch Services
The transformation in food habits, less physical work, more desk jobs have made people more vulnerable to lifestyle ailments. The average urban & semi-urban Indian is becoming more conscious about health & fitness. Bajaj Nutraceuticals' though its products aims to bring a change in society. "We are committed to providing the highest quality nutraceuticals products in the market; to achieve this we use innovative approaches, and strive hard to create world-class products for our clients," states Anubhav.

Bajaj Nutraceuticals today is offering a number of nutraceuticals products which includes multivitamin tablets, protein syrup, capsules, sweet coat tablets, sachets and much more. Renowned for its excellence in handling the manufacturing processes, the company creates & assembles various private label nutraceuticals products for different clients across the country.

Though all of the Bajaj Nutraceuticals' products are of grade-A ranking; but to be specific the firm excels in manufacturing softgel capsules of elite-quality in the market. "We are one of the most highly-rated names engaged in softgel capsule manufacturing in India. We have earned this title by maintaining high-quality manufacturing standard with world-class machinery and laboratories," boasts Anubhav.

Apart from that Bajaj Nutraceuticals outshine as a contract manufacturer. Wondering how? Here is the reason. It's a fact that successful companies rely on contract manufacturers because it enables them to focus on R&D and marketing without having to worry about the manufacturing risk and Bajaj Nutraceuticals offers exactly the same to its clients; from economical solutions for meeting their diverse needs to extensive & competitive product portfolio with a flexible quantity, the firm addresses all of the customer's requirements and helps them concentrate on their core business.

Bajaj Nutraceuticals is backed with a highly advanced manufacturing facility, which comprises of state-of-the-art infrastructure, fully computerized plants and a team of experts who ensure to produce formulations in a perfect manner, maintaining the best quality of the products. "Using a combination of well-proven ideas and integrating them with modern technology we tend to think outside the box and have developed some of the most innovative economical solutions for a wide range of customer applications" asserts Anubhav.

We are committed to providing the highest quality nutraceuticals products in the market; to achieve this we use innovative approaches, and strive hard to create world-class products for our clients

In its work tenure of 11+ years, Bajaj Nutraceuticals have always endeavored to stay updated with the industry trends by implementing R&D and innovating in its part of manufacturing while upgrading the processes with new features to increase the quality of final products. Besides, the firm's products reflect high-quality standards and the company follows a stringent quality control.

With such dedicated offerings, the company has set up a benchmark in the specialization of human nutrition along with a wide scope of products. In the coming future, Bajaj Nutraceuticals aims to continue its good work while growing and envisaging to become the most trustworthy & reliable name in the domain.

Anubhav Kansal, Business Head
A professional with 14+ years of experience in the industry, Anubhav is renowned for his proven ability in manufacturing processes, handling customer relations, and strengthen teams in order to maximize organization's profitability & efficiency.