Ayesha Fashion: Adorning Millennials with Quirky Accessories Embellished with Indo-International Touch

Jacqueline Kapur,CEO
Spanning centuries-old legacy,Indian accessories utter rich cultural history, carrying gems of diversity and aesthetic craftsmanship. Right from beaded necklaces excavated from Mohenjo-Daro and artistic jewelry painted on Ajanta sculptures to Kohinoor diamond roving historic significance and contemporary fine accessories flashing sartorial confidence, accessories have paved a long route from traditional thrones to contemporary malls. Much higher is the confidence that these little artifacts showers on women and shouts their personality characteristics implicitly. Adducing the need of delving these long-treasured embellishments from unorganized sphere to organized realm, Pondicherry-based Ayesha Fashion stands tall as the hallmark for transforming millennial confidence into eccentric accessories with an assorted mix of Indian and International trends.

Believing that accessories are the language that speaks for itself, Jacqueline Kapur(CEO)& Ayesha Kapur (a well known name from film fraternity) took the initiative of stringing the purpose of long-lived accessories with social cause. The mother-daughter duo established the home-grown brand in 2010 and connected its dots with girl empowerment through unique yet quirky campaign ‘Girl Power’. The campaign showcases a bunch of girls exhibiting their inner traits through placards like Unstoppable, Outspoken, Dancing Queen and Free Thinkers, amongst others, stickers of which are also offered to shoppers to establish an informal conversation. “Anybody who walks in our store, either to shop or browse, gets offered a collection of stickers and is asked to select the characteristic that connects to their personality, which leads to an informal conversation. Such an initiative is a tiny drop in the sea which makes things and people better, especially young girls who get a little touch of awareness about gender equality,” avers Jacqueline, the creative maven transforming merchandized shopping into personal tête-à-tête.

Embellishing Fashion with Fun
Ayesha Fashion’s unique product
line is a careful curated endeavour that ranges wide variety of fashion collectionfor millennials, irrespective of their gender. Be it girl, boy, kid or woman, the brand has something in wardrobe for everyone. The eccentric collection offers millennial-savvy accessories such as fashion jewelry, hats & caps, scarves, hair accessories and gift items, to name a few, under four sub-brands, namely Ayesha, Unknown, Lil Stars and JQ. While Ayesha’scollection mirrors contemporary fashion trends for girls that embellish empowering approach, Unknown’s rugged masculine collection resonates young Indian men fashion and Lil Star’s colourful range encircles tiny-tots’ cuteness. On the flip side, Ayesha Fashion’s upmarket subbrand JQ targets modern woman by curating handcrafted collection through Jaypore technique wherein antique metals are blended with modern design approach, a collection Jacqueline calls Casual Luxury.

"Ayesha Fashion’s unique product line is a careful curated endeavour that ranges wide variety of fashion collection for millennials, irrespective of their gender"

There’s no denying that people have embraced change with a modernistic approach and today invest in accessories that represents their moods and occasions. Observing this setback in long-term jewelry investment and populace’s new perspective towards modern accessories, Ayesha Fashion strategically blended Indian styling with international contemporary trends to offer the best of both the worlds. The brand’s crossover range is an exclusive suite of Indo-Cosmopolitan accessories, comprising suigeneris elements like rainbow, neon and pastel colours, jhumkis with feathers, ethnic jewelry and boho accessories. Availing these eccentric assortments, customers are now envisioning AF to be one of the next-gen trendsetters in fashion accessories industry.

Success through Collaborative Endeavours
Bringing in spotlight Ayesha Fashion’s Girl Power campaign, Ayesha being the brand’s face invests volumes in trend research and anchors the motive of enhancing customer engagement and awareness. On the flip side, Jacqueline spearheads all the managerial operations for smooth functioning and shares integrity-oriented relationship with suppliers and in-house workforce, hence assuring quality delivery of goods
with no lack in production time and instilling creativity in her expert team of 200 ninjas. Referring her lively team as 'thinkers', Jacqueline follows open-room policy with flexible work ethics and encourages her squad to strike the right balance between work input and output. Besides effectuating organic marketing strategies for brand growth, Ayesha Fashion connects with youngsters through college fests collaborations and pivots on strengthening its presence via blogger collaborations and social media marketing. On the CSR front, the brand works diligently for an orphanage based out of Pondicherry and envisions giving back to the society by sponsoring girl education in future endeavours.

Rewarding Accomplishments& Prospects
Providing ease of shopping are Ayesha Fashion’s exclusive merchandising stores and availability of accessories on all major e-Commerce platforms, EBOs and MBOs including Central and Shoppers Stop, located in 23 cities across India. Recording an annual turnover of Rs.16 crore with 50 percent hike in revenue model, the brand is all prepared to scale up its geographical presence in North India and escalate e-Commerce business PAN India. Besides blueprinting expansion plans for Ayesha Fashion stores, product line, marketing budget and EBO & MBO presence, Ayesha Fashion is currently inviting investors on-board with an intent to expand collaboratively and explore opportunities in apparel segment. Exhibiting fashion expertise and social awareness with excellence at par, no wonder, the brand is laurelled with several accolades including ‘Most Admired Retailer of the Year Award 2017 & 2018’ by India Retail Forum, ‘Fashion Accessories Retailer of the Year 2017 & 2018’ by Franchise India and ‘Images Most Admired Solox Fashion Professional of the Year’, among others.

Key Management:
Jacqueline Kapur,CEO
A multi-talented fashionista, Jacqueline blends Indian styling with international trends to accessorize millennials with eccentric designs. She devises interactive strategies for multiplying Ayesha Fashion’s engagement with its customers.

Offices:Pondicherry(HQ), Bengaluru

Brands: Ayesha, Unknown, Lil Stars & JQ