Astral Technologies: Enabling A Niche Business Sector To Reap The Full Benefits Of Advanced Technology

Deepen Goratela,Founder & CEO

Deepen Goratela

Founder & CEO

The scale of the worldwide software industry was estimated at $51.08 billion in 2021, and from 2022 to 2028, it is anticipated to expand at a CAGR of 8.7 percent. The three main factors driving the growth of this industry is the rapidly growing digitalization, growing business processes automation, and enterprise data volume. By encouraging businesses to install software products and set up malware protection, detection, and mitigation measures during COVID-19, the increasing concerns about digital dangers has fueled the expansion of the software industry. Established in 2012, Astral Technologies is an IT company whose goal is to make sure that IT is easy for its clientele to utilize, helping them leverage smart software solutions to accomplish business goals.

Key Features & Services
Consistency, Innovation, Sustainability, Customer driven, and Excellence are the differentiating factors which set Astral apart from the competition. “Real Estate & Construction is a niche industry but very interesting to work in terms of technology development & process streamline, using Astral ERP have saved a lot of their time and helped them to deliver the project on time in different locations. Looking at the industries we are catering to currently, more than 70% of the organization has not yet switched to automation or result driven solutions which has left Effective & Goal Oriented solutions like Astral to thrive and explore more opportunities in construction and infra industries in the coming years”, says Deepen Goratela, Founder & CEO.
Since Astral ERP has enabled the firm to save a significant amount of time and execute projects on schedule in several locations. Within four and a half years of the product’s launch, Astral had a clientele of real estate developers and Civil contractors, solar power plant firms, and government contractors from metro areas as well as second-tier cities. Understanding about its clientele, gaining insight into the brand values, core strengths, and what the brand represents, Astral also offers some customized ERP and CRM solutions. They analyze key information about the brand like niche market, online metrics, and so on, to define brand pillars, values, key differentiators and much more. It is this kind of in-depth research and solution finding that enables Astral Technologies to stand out from its competitors.

Astral has also been the recipient of numerous accolades like the Trending Software 2022, Awarded by Software Suggest, Best Software 2021, Awarded by Software Suggest, ISO 2001-2015, Certified Company, Customers Choice 2020, Awarded by Software Suggest, TECHIMPLY 2019, Top Construction Management Software, Premium Usability 2019 Award, Awarded by Finanaces Online, and Rising star 2019 Award, Awarded by Finances Online for its exceptional services. Astral Real Estate & Construction ERP is one-point solution for managing all Real Estate & Construction activities under one platform.

Vision, Mission & the Future Roadmap
Astral Technologies was established with the vision of providing clients that are looking for high-quality technology with a variety of software services. “Consistency and Customer relationship is the key for our success. Our mission is to deliver optimal solutions with top quality and best services at affordable prices. In Our Business Policy Customer satisfaction is given top priority. We always try to improve the quality of our products by exploring innovative ideas and new techniques.

Consistency and Customer relationship is the key for our success. Our mission is to deliver optimal solutions with top quality and best services at affordable prices

We want to continue providing people in construction industries with technology that makes their life easier, safer and more productive”, further adds, Deepen Goratela. With a clear vision and mission set out in front, Astral Technologies has a future roadmap carved out for itself wherein the firm will be investing time and resources in further strengthening its software services, to offer bespoke solutions and improved quality of services. Just as technology keeps evolving, so will Astral Technology.