30TH FEB: Leading the Pathway to Unbounded Branding Excellence through Integrated Brand Marketing Solutions

 Jigyasa Laroiya,  FounderIn the dynamic landscape of modern business, the role of a branding agency stands as a formidable beacon of creativity and strategy. As the world witnesses the ever-evolving demands of consumers, businesses seek to leave an indelible mark on their target audience. This is where the branding agency steps in, armed with the artistry and strategic acumen to craft compelling brand narratives. Branding in the ever evolving business ecosystems require consistent messaging and efficient brand management. However, the businesses must navigate the intricate web of online platforms, algorithms, and changing consumer behaviors. To thrive amidst these challenges, an efficient branding firm is paramount which should possess multifaceted expertise, harnessing the power of data analytics, marketing automation, and trend forecasting.

Established in 2009, 30TH FEB is a branding agency based out of New Delhi and is serving as the integrated brand marketing team for businesses across the globe. The agency handles all aspects of brand marketing, from ideation to brand design, annual marketing budgets, media planning, and execution across multiple platforms-online or offline.

The organization is a one stop solution for Brand Management as their expertise extends to branding, design, digital marketing, including Online Reputation
Management(ORM) the covers web services, content marketing, and performance marketing for demand generation. Additionally, the agency proficiently manages media planning for clients' online and offline engagements, serving as strategic growth partners and marketing teams.

30TH FEB primarily focuses on two core services: branding with integrated marketing communication and brand growth advisory.

“Our primary focus as a branding agency is to be the integrated marketing company for our clients, while stepping into the role of an outsourced or interim CMO for their business. We don't merely provide a set of deliverables we become an intrinsic part of the clients’ team, working closely from budgeting to strategy and execution. Understanding the internal branding and culture, we grow as strategic growth partners, delivering everything that is needed from PR, print, and outdoor campaigns to internal designs, team events, and employer branding. Our USP lies in becoming the integrated strategic partners, going beyond tasks to create a profound difference in execution. As the integrated strategic partners for branding and brand management, our flagship services revolve around providing comprehensive 360-degree brand marketing solutions to our valued clients”, asserts Jigyasa Laroiya, Founder and Chief Brand Strategist at 30TH FEB.

30TH FEB offers clients a seamless & effective brand marketing experience, by helping achieve their business objectives & stand out in the competitive landscape

Ready for Steady & Robust Growth
“A self-funded branding agency to date, we are gearing up for the next scale-up leap. The company's evolution has been remarkable, starting as a solopreneur and gradually growing into a cohesive team of ten. However, the future entails even greater ambitions as the focus lies in taking on more substantial and sophisticated integrated marketing projects, prioritizing brand growth advisory with 360-degree scalability rather than offering fragmented one-off brand or digital marketing services. To achieve this, we aim to attract experienced professionals who can effectively manage the expanding operations, chaotic culture of growth and new energy together with fresh ideas for multiple domains and geographies. With an unwavering commitment to delivering ROI based branding solutions, 30TH FEB seeks to establish partnerships with bigger and better clients, fortifying our position as a formidable force in the branding and marketing industry”, concludes Jigyasa.