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  • Top 10 School Brands in India - 2024

    India is currently experiencing significant changes in the education sector, with the education system undergoing major transformations. Numerous esteemed organizations have established themselves as symbols of excellence and educational strength. The focus is shifting from rote memorization to a more comprehensive approach that emphasizes the overall development and growth of children. Early education institutions are in the process of reshaping their teaching methods. These schools utilize technology to prepare students for the future and promote innovation and personalized learning at the institutions. Educators are dedicated to engaging students through practical and experiential learning as the industry continues to advance. "Empowering minds & building...

Top 10 School Brands in India - 2024


Company Logo Company Name Company Management Company Description
Nanduba English Academy Nanduba English Academy Dr. Monika Sharma, Principal Providing quality education that nurtures well rounded, confident, and capable future leaders and aims to create a dynamic & interactive learning environment that boosts creativity, critical thinking, and collaboration
Company Logo Company Name Company Management Company Description
Aachi Global School Aachi Global School Rebekah Abishek, Founder The school placing significant importance on creativity & critical thinking, offering a comprehensive array of subjects such as languages, mathematics, social sciences, science and others
Greenwood High International School Greenwood High International School Louis Dias, Principal The school identifies multiple intelligences and offers theme-based learning, concept-based learning, exploration based, student centric learning, as well as differentiated learning for students of various abilities
Little Flower High School Little Flower High School Rev Bro Shajan Antony, Principal The school has the aim of inculcating love and human fraternity while providing holistic education to meet the needs of the individual and the society, also excels in literacy, culture, sports and so on
Manav Rachna International Schools Manav Rachna International Schools Deepika Bhalla, Executive Director The schools have modern future skills & sustainability labs that teach students STEAM subjects and encourage them to explore future skills such as design, computational thinking, adaptive learning, and AI
National Public School National Public School Aracha Sinha, Principal Dedicated to fostering a community of empowered learners and leaders, with state of-the-art facilities encompassing advanced IT, science, robotic labs, and a diverse range of athletic amenities
Tenbroeck Academy Tenbroeck Academy Usha M, Head - Marketing Follows diverse teaching methods like project based learning and experiential learning, offers opportunities for dynamic learning experiences which encourage students to explore, create, and collaborate from a young age
The Emerald Heights International School The Emerald Heights International School Siddharth Singh, Director The institution has a tradition of motivating students towards holistic growth and fostering values such as community service and national unity, with academic disciplines in science, commerce, and humanities
The Mother's International School The Mother's International School Milan Mala Sarin, Principal The school is affiliated with CBSE and offers co ed instruction in English, the campus also includes a bakery, iron & woodwork units, candle-making & handmade paper unit, vocational training center, and bookstore
The Shri Ram School The Shri Ram School Sapna Dimri, Principal Committed to creating learning experiences that cater to the individual needs of every student, offers a range of international programs, collaborations, and exchange opportunities