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    A Brand Extends Beyond a Company's Product or Service There are healthcare professionals globally, all working to make people healthier and communities safer. They deliver state-of-the-art goods into the market for everyone and cater to even the smallest requirements for customers. From creating lightweight medical devices to developing less expensive medication, core missions focus on uplifting both employees and patients. They also offers medical-surgical supplies and equipment for physicians who need to support patients directly. They work alongside governments, business employers and various partners to manage the care of millions of people with a strong vision for a system of value-based care which offers patients an equal portion of compassion and care. The global smart...

10 Most Promising Healthcare Brands – 2023

Company Logo Company Name Company Management Company Description
Cian Healthcare Cian Healthcare Ranjit Singh Marwah, CEO A pharmaceutical company committed to bring innovative and affordable medicines to address patient needs
Cipla Health Cipla Health Shivam Puri, Chief Executive Officer An healthcare firm offers a diverse brands distilled out of innovation and help consumers attain a state of well-being
Hetero Healthcare Hetero Healthcare Srinivas Reddy, Managing Director A pharmaceutical manufacturing company aim to improve the people's quality of life with their product line and a continuous research and development process
I2 Cure I2 Cure Anil Kejriwal, Chief Mentor A biotechnology company promoted by leaders in the healthcare, scientific, & business worlds from Singapore and India
JIN X JIN X Hitesh Jain, Director A healthcare brand manufacturer and expert offer more than 100 diverse products in personal and healthcare sector
Krauter Krauter Ajit K. Chauhan, Managing Director A pioneering firm offer products to their clients for very diversified segments ranging from adult & baby care (hair, skin, face care) to vet care
Nobel Hygiene Nobel Hygiene Kamal Kumar Johari , Managing Director A leading disposable hygiene care products manufacturer continuously innovated to create world-class hygiene products for adults
Quarant Quarant Sagar Vaishnav, Director A company is well equipped with all the modern facilities of manufacturing, intended for offering quality products all across the country
Soothe Healthcare Soothe Healthcare Sahil Dharia, Founder & Chief Executive A personal hygiene company engaged in manufacturing, distribution, and marketing of consumer hygiene products
Sun Pharmaceutical  Industries Sun Pharmaceutical Industries Dilip Shanghvi, Managing Director A generic pharmaceutical company provide highquality, affordable medicines trusted by customers and patients