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  • 10 Most Promising Fashion Brands - 2021

    Fashion industry in India is not just about fashion designers. The industry is made up of various elements like fashion photography, pattern making, garment construction, accessory designing, make-up artists, modeling, fabric weaving, textile research and development, fashion journalism and manufacturing. Embroidery and dyeing is a great supporting part o the industry. Indian fashion accounts for a meager 0.2% in the world market. The industry is at infant stage in India. but with the advantage of having thousands of years of tradition, the industry has great potential to mark on the world stage. Clothing can project both simplicity and opulence. The clothing defines one person's status, wealth and personality. That is the reason for millennial and youth to choose brands....

10 Most Promising Fashion Brands - 2021

Company Logo Company Name Company Management Company Description
AKS Clothing AKS Clothing Nidhi Yadav, Founder An epitome for elegant, graceful and classy women's wear that reflects exquisite taste in design and long lasting material
A Big Indian Story A Big Indian Story Anuradha, Co-Founder Bringing-forth the traditional Indian crafts and make it easily available for the consumers worldwide to appreciate and use the same
Aarida Aarida Kumar Divya Rajat & Aditya Nandan, Co-Founders India's solitary personal style and fashion-friendly online/offline store that allows shopping the finest clothing exclusively tailored as per consumer's needs
Hats Off Accessories Hats Off Accessories Sunaina Harjai, Founder Brings luxurious fashion experience for men with prolific and top-class footwear designs
Modestreet Internet Modestreet Internet Abhitosh Yadav & Rohit Chhabra, Co-Founders An online Omni-channel fashion shopping and discovery platform with personalized fitting room and social networking
Official Factory.com Official Factory.com Vaibhav Mehta, Founder Brings-in high quality men's accessories and outdoor gears to India, assuring its customers with materials that are exceptional outstanding and available at the best prices possible
Shaye Shaye Pooja, Founder A designer brand aiming to democratize fashion and bring international styles to India
Teezo Lifestyle Teezo Lifestyle Yatin Shah, Founder & Director An online t-shirt brand that styles up and designs t-shirts based on the philosophy of minimalism
Twirl.store Twirl.store Sujata Chatterjee, Founder & Managing Director Online store promoting `sustainable fashion' through upscaled products and buy-back policies
Vajor Vajor Nathasha AR Kumar, Founder & CEO Offers a diverse range of clothing, shoes, accessories and the latest home décor