• AND: A Leading Brand Celebrated For Its Uber-Chic Ladies' wear
  • 10 Most Promising Clothing Brands -­ 2022

    The apparel industry is presumably one of the oldest and most important industry in the economic history of globe and India being home to  deluge of fabric has an upperhand in the clothing and apparels today, besides other developed countries. According to McKinsey's FashionScope data, the India's apparel market will be worth $59.3 billion in 2022, poising to be the sixth largest in the world, comparable to the United Kingdom's ($65 billion) and Germany's ($63.1 billion). Moreover, as change has always been the leading facet of the industry, as trends evolve every other quarter, online market is incessantly driving the clothing & apparels' industry growth with increased consumer's spending on the trending products. Due to people's persistent...

10 Most Promising Clothing Brands -­ 2022

Company Logo Company Name Company Management Company Description
AND AND Kavindra Mishra, MD & CEO The brand is focused on adding vibrancy and a modern edge to even the most timeless ethnic styles through its sub-brands Global Desi & Global Desi Girl
Fab India Fab India Viney Singh, CEO It brings an extensive range of unique designs and clothes in diverse traditional crafts of India
Louis Phillipe Louis Phillipe Vipul Batra,, Vice President India-based global menswear brand which is owned by Madhura fashion and lifestyle
Monte Carlo Monte Carlo Manisha Gupta, Independent Director The Company's products reach the end user through different channels like exclusive brand outlets & multi brand outlets
Mufti Mufti Kamal Khushlani, Founder They provide wide range of dress materials including shorts, t-shirts, joggers, outerwear, blazers, and more
Nor Black Nor White Nor Black Nor White Mriga Kapadiya, Founder Unisex Indian clothing brand which has a pool of choices like dresses, accessories, jackets, jump-suits, masks and shirts
Raymond Raymond A. J. Raymond,, Founder Diversified group with majority business interests in Textile & Apparel sectors as well as presence across diverse segments
Soch Soch Vinay Chatlan, Co-Founder Indian clothing brand for women with all the latest trends & collections and celebrates Indian woman with a contemporary lifestyle
Tinted Tinted Saurabh Gumber, Founder & CEO Offers a vast range of categories for both men and women targeting Gen-Z and millennials in society
Tistabene Enterprises Tistabene Enterprises By Pramod Darda, Founder An online & offline men’s apparel store, specializes in printed shirts including a range of other products like oversized t-shirts, tie & dye printed shirts, tie & dye printed t-shirts, joggers, cargo joggers and more