Zensys Chemicals: Formulating Affordable Yet High-Strength Household Cleaners

 Sandeep Soni,  FounderThe market for household cleaners in India is rapidly expanding as a result of growing awareness towards maintaining hygienic conditions, and the growing threat of unknown virus contaminations. However, despite the presence of numerous players in the market, a huge gap in the demand and supply for high-strength yet affordable products that do not cause damage due to high acidic properties continues to prevail. Combating these challenges with a wide range of household, laundry, automobile, and kitchen care products is the Pune-based Zensys Chemicals. A trailblazing manufacturer of cost-effective and performance oriented products, the company has, in a short span, positioned itself as a trusted partner in the industry.

Foundation of Zensys

Zensys came into being out of necessity when in 2020 Corona put a halt on people’s lives. When the founders were unable to conduct business within the household chemicals industry wherein they consulted businesses regarding their cleaning budgets, and training on ways to maximize output with minimal chemical usage, and this led to creating their own cleaner formulas at home. Witnessing exceptional results from his experimental concoctions, it was decided to set up manufacturing units, giving life to Zensys Chemicals in 2022.

Focused on product quality, affordability, and service, Zensys is an MSME-certified and ISO 9001:2015 certified firm manufacturing over 85 varieties of products ranging from
cleaners to room fresheners, and diffuser oils. The firm also offers corporate packing options which are five liter packs of cleaners, making the products more economical for businesses.

The quality of products delivered by Zensys prompted clients to motivate the firm to ship its products across India in only six months since the company came into being. With the growing demand, Zensys worked through hurdles of configuring distribution networks to provide an uninterrupted supply of its cleaners to clients in several regions across India. In addition to simply supplying products, Zensys also trains its dealers in product usage.

“Experience always gives directions to work with and enables us to go with the flow. We know that the people are hungry to save their money but don’t want to compromise with the results in hotel industries and Zensys Chemicals sets these criteria for them and this helps us to solidify our presence in the market. Our products are formulated using high-performance raw material and latest techniques which has allowed us to become a prominent player in the industry, and we aim to continue growing”, shares Sandeep Soni.

Dedicated to providing a pleasant customer experience, the firm has also set up a feedback procuring method for its products and even offers samples to end users, which enable it to build a strong relationship, translating into long-term associations and repeat business.

Being hyper-focused on product pricing & quality, the company is strategically carving a unique position for itself, which has provided fruitful results so far

Growth Ahead

With extensive experience in the industry, a thorough understanding of the market demands and gaps, and a zeal for experimenting and innovating, the Zensys team is highly motivated to revamp the household cleaners industry. Being hyper-focused on product pricing and quality, the company is strategically carving a unique position for itself, which has provided fruitful results so far.

In keeping with its trajectory of growth, the company is working towards expanding its product portfolio, and introducing new items like multipurpose cleaning chemicals which can be used across different surfaces. The firm is working on developing some very unique formulations which will potentially be industry firsts, putting it on the forefront as a revolutionary entity in the industry.