Zebronics: Revolutionizing Sound Systems Incorporating Excellence, Quality & Reliability Mantra

Rajesh Doshi,Co-Founder & Director

Rajesh Doshi

Co-Founder & Director

As the sense of the sound connects us to the foreground action, it is uprightly perceived that half of the storytelling ability is about the sound. Be at the heart of the music, beats of the discotheques, emotions of the movie or high definition gaming experience, the speakers compliment every den and setup to boost the aura. Regardless of whether it's 'Despacito' or ‘Chana Mereya’, Indian music paramours have a fascination for higher levels of sound quality, clarity and performance. Accomplishing the jazz with the millennial, Zebronics brings feelings alive with its award winning state-of-the-art audio systems range-The Sound Monster with roaring sound and overwhelming power. Whether it’s the portable wireless sound unit, occasional soothing bookshelf speaker, the subwoofer for that room shaking bass or the immersing surround sound experience, Zebronics’ Sound Monster range struck a chord with the consumers manifesting its line of speakers with a monster like sound.

The EQR Mantra
Needless of an introduction, Zebronics (est. 1997) is a Multimedia Speaker brand with compelling designs & exceptional performance that every household in the country can afford. Articulating its business dogma on delivering innovative solutions to consumers and building framework for sustainable growth, Zebronics always stays one step ahead of the market. Building on its tagline of ‘Always Ahead’, the brand significantly has set foot in new verticals while consolidating the existing footprint in peripherals and consumer electronics like IT Peripherals, LED TV, Air Coolers and Surveillance Solutions, with multiple options of variation from a single price point. Although Zebronics faces thin profit margin in IT peripherals, but due to consumers trust & loyalty in brand for 18 years, Zebronics has the advantage over opportunistic brands. As a result of the years of investments in comprehending the requisites of Indian consumers with respect to sound, features, aesthetics and budget, Zebronics speakers are the most sought-after in the market. Incorporating the EQR (Excellence, Quality and Reliability) Mantra, the brand fixates on excellence in product design, strict quality controls and extremely reliable product to take home.
As one of the leaders in the speaker systems, it offers an extensive range of multimedia speaker systems in 2.0, 2.1, 4.1, 5.1, tower and DJ categories. While the audio components industry is moving towards more wireless and portable products, most of Zebronics' products are equipped with wireless features to stream music from any smart-phone or tablet. For instance, empanelled with RGB LED light controlled wirelessly via smart-phone, 'Amazer' is Zebronics’ most popular wireless portable speaker. Moreover the Zebronics 5.1 Whale Model with three way design, bass reflex technology and audio crossover gives the best surround sound experience. However, the Hard Rock-3 tower speaker with three way crossover, optical input and quad drivers in each speaker, is the absolute best for the music lovers.

While the audio components industry is moving towards more wireless and portable products, most of Zebronics’ products are equipped with wireless features to stream music from any smart-phone or tablet

Marketing Paradigm
Zebronics leaves no stone unturned to connect with its customers. The company does a great deal of marketing activities in both ATL & BTL formats. To engage with the younger audience, it associates with schools & colleges for their cultural festivals and also sponsors other events like marathons, arts, drama, lifestyle events and expos that happen throughout the year. Besides its active presence on social media, Zebronics hosts activities like ZEB-Connect, where the team goes to corporate offices and showcases the look and feel of the products. It also has ZEB-Tech program for schools, where it conducts debates, quizzes and a lot more to encourage learning. Finally, fortifying its brand presence to the next level, Zebronics recently signed Bollywood superstar Hrithik Roshan as its brand ambassador known for his moves and style that charms the audience, thereby expecting a humongous surge in sales.

The Social Contract
The brand believes in giving back to the society and has done a few initiatives under Zeb Tech, Zeb Learn, Zeb Environment, and Zeb Health names. Under its Zeb Learn drive, the team visits children homes and spends some quality time with the kids to engage with them through fun activities like drawing, painting and singing in addition to taking care of
the education needs of few children. Aligning its vision with the Swatch Bharath Abhiyan, Zebronics has been deeply involved in cleaning beaches and surroundings under its Zeb Environment initiative, apart from giving away saplings to plant on the marina beach in aid of Vardah. In rural Chennai, Zebronics has built a clinic for elderly people that provides doctor’s consultation at just Rs.10 and supplies medicines free of cost under its Zeb Health initiative. The company also supports old age homes and conducts blood donation camps that witnessed active participation from every employee with zeal and enthusiasm.

Upholding Brand Image
With over 1,100 employees brimming with energy and positivity across 31 offices and 128+ Zeb Cares (service centers), Zebronics is backed by a solid network of dealers, resellers and integrators adding to retail presence of over 50,000+ locations across the country. Fostering with the ‘value for money’ and ‘good quality products & service’, the company has built a colossal brand image through a lot of planning and immense team support along with the visibility and availability PAN-India via 50000+ channel partners. “We are dedicated to bring more innovative products which are relatively new and offer value for the buck without any compromise on the product quality,” asserts Rajesh Doshi, Founder & CEO, Zebronics. So Raise up the volume with Zebronics!

Key Management:
Rajesh Doshi, Co-Founder & Director
Rajesh is a first generation entrepreneur and a visionary. He is the driving force behind brand Zebronics. He foresaw the growth in the IT peripherals and consumerization 20 years ago and identified a niche for the value-conscious segment of the Indian market. Widely recognised for his farsightedness and contribution to Indian business and commerce, he was honoured with the Rajasthan Yuva Ratna Award by the Rajasthani Association, Tamil Nadu.

• Speaker Systems
• IT Peripherals
• Surveillance Solutions

Office:Chennai (Headquarter) and PAN India presence

Awards & Recognitions:
• Several awards for products like power banks, Speakers, IT Peripherals.
• The Economic times Best Tech Emerging LED TV, Music Accessories and Surveillance product brand.
• Most Innovative mid sized company - Innovative 100