XGIMI: Redefining Entertainment through State-of-the-art Projector Technology

Sushil M Motwani,CEO and MDTechnology transformations have disrupted markets, redefined consumer expectations and recalibrated industries. India is no exception and new products are rendering even recent technologies obsolete. The tech landscape in the home entertainment industry in particular has been a subject of constant change and many products have lost their edge owing to technological gaps. Not surprisingly, they have been replaced by better innovations and one such game changer is XGIMI. Its projector technology is one of the most advanced ones in the world and from the time it entered the Indian market with its unique design and innovative specifications, it has transformed the concept of home entertainment.

XGIMI is an 11 year old global company that entered India two years ago. Techpreneur Sushil Motwani is the CEO and MD of AYETEXCEL the distributor of XGIMI products in India. Sushil is also the Official Representative of XGIMI in India and has driven the growth of the company from strength to strength. He says, "We want to portray projection technology as a screenless entertainment option that can outperform any smart television. It is not only portable but also has a world class sound system. We are here to redefine projector technology and set it free from the confines of classrooms and conference halls. People can now have the opportunity to enjoy an immersive theatrical experience in the comfort of their home or anywhere they want."

Uniqueness in Technology
XGIMI is the only company in the world that has integrated a TV grade chip in their range
of projectors. This chip enables the user to have a television like and yet much better experience because the projection can range from 20 to 150 inches. It solely depends on the choice of the users whether they want to watch their favourite show on a small screen or a larger than life scale. The projection works perfectly on white or any light coloured walls and the company's range of advanced, portable projectors can personalize home entertainment for anyone and everyone.

We are here for redefining projector technology and set it free from the confines of classrooms and conference halls

"In a way we are trying to reimagine the home and outdoor projector experience and to ensure sheer perfection in the delivery of seamless entertainment. All our products are easy to use and have the advantage of plug and play convenience that makes them unique and user friendly. Since our launch in India in 2020, our consumers have grown organically only because we deliver what we promise," states Sushil.

The Growth Story
It is true that XGIMI is gaining more and more acceptability in the Indian market but things were challenging in the beginning. The company started off through B2B channels but did not receive much appreciation from vendors in the home entertainment ecosystem of the country. Then the company chose a D2C option and succeeded in a big way. "After a few initial hurdles we launched our product in March, 2020 right before the lockdown and received our first order in June the same year right after the lockdown was lifted. Since then, there has been no looking back for us. Currently, XGIMI has centres in Delhi, Mumbai, Pune and Bengaluru and going forward we want to set up XGIMI experience centres in Gujarat, Hyderabad and Kerala so that people can experience the beauty of our technology first hand," concludes Sushil.