WizTales: Revolutionizing Virtual Events with an advanced platform

Krishna Malhotra,DirectorThe Covid19 pandemic has pushed the business world to transform ways in which it conducted large events and made people worldwide to adopt advanced and innovative ways to engage with their communities. Virtual events have become the backbone for businesses to conduct successful events amidst the new normal. Thanks to new age and disruptive technologies that are powering virtual events and helping the show to go on as is. Businesses are currently actively looking for platforms that can offer them with excellent features that can make their virtual events easy to conduct, use and as engaging as possible.

Catering to this need Wiztales offers Wiz365, Virtual Event Platform of the Yearand India's leading Virtual Event platform to businesses that are endeavoring to host the most effective virtual events. Wiz365 is a state of the art3D Virtual Event Platform that has successfully hosted more than 120 full-fletched events since on-boarding its first client in August 2020.

Wiz365: The Game-Changer in the Virtual Events Arena
Headquartered in Bangalore, Wiztales is currently hosting more than 100k users per month on Wiz365. This platform is one of the most successful products of the parent company WizTales which was launched in December 2017 as an experiential event-tech company. WizTales pivoted to a virtual event platform in August last year, after the offline event industry came to a grinding halt due to the Covid-19 pandemic. `Intuitive, lightweight and extremely interactive, are a few words from our clients and participants about Wiz365. Wiz365's versatility is its main USP', says SumanyuSoniwal, Director, Founder & Technical Head.

The company offers Wiz365 under two models including The DIY Model and Managed Services Model. With the DIY model, the event organizers can set up their
events with their own creatives within an hour. This makes it easy for them to take control of their own events. The managed services model thrives on customization and curation capabilities thatWiz365 brings to the table and potentially makesany virtual event a grand success.

The platform includes the largest pool of live engagement features in the market with over 50 options to choose from. Ranging from AI-based Photobooth, 3D Treasure Hunts to automated Live Musical Tambola, Wiztales has developed & incorporated some mind-blowing engagement capabilities in the platform. Networking Lounge, AI Matchmaking, Intelligent Gamification, Adaptive Streaming, Live Multi-language Translation are few of our most intelligent features that Wiz365 offers. With Wiz365, hosts can broadcast their event live and engage their audience via live chats, Q&A sessions, pop-up polls and live reactions. It also allows the user to create roundtables so that participants can interact with each other and grow their network.

There are a plethora of events or engagements that Wiz365 took forward and in turn enhanced the platform's reputation in the market. It has hosted events with some of the most renowned companies around the world including Google, Amazon, Flipkart, Mphasis, BNI and Ernst & Young. One of its exemplary works had been with IKP, where it hosted full-fledged expo with more than 300 participating startups and companies seeking for investment. The event saw more than 30,000 participants. Start-ups had the capability to customize each and every aspect of their stall, do group video call with judges, chat with viewers, present their ideas through their uploaded brochures, and generate leads. Wiz365 was also behind the successful execution of Ernst & Young's yearly Olympiad and Rewards.

Intuitive, lightweight and extremely interactive, are a few words from our clients and participants about wiz365. Wiz365's versatility is its main USP

Larger Visions for the Future
The vision of Wiz365 is to build a bridge between the physical and virtual worlds so that hosts and participants can enjoy the best of both worlds and increase their reach exponentially. Currently Wiztales is working towards launching a new revamped and more powerful version of Wiz365, which will have the potential to completely transform the way Virtual Events are conducted today. `We hope to make events more connected and technologically advanced. Our company has always been a front-runner events tech-space-event and we'll continue to do so even post-pandemic,' says SumanyuSoniwal, Director, Founder & Technical Head.